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What Is Wine Shatter? (2023)

What Is Wine Shatter

Wine shatter is the term used for the phenomenon where a grape cluster does not reach maturity. Also known as coulure in French, wine shatter is caused by unfavorable climatic conditions. For example, if during pollination, the climatic conditions of a vineyard are too cloudy, cold, rainy, or the temperature is constantly high, coulure will …

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10 Health Benefits of Wine (2023)

Health Benefits of Wine

If you’ve been concerned about whether drinking wine is a healthy choice, you can lay your worries to rest. Numerous studies have established the health benefits of drinking wine in moderate amounts. Wine is not only heart-healthy, but it also offers many diverse health benefits that you may not even be aware of. An alcoholic …

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What Is Champagne Riddling? (2023)

What Is Champagne Riddling

Once the second alcoholic fermentation is complete, the Champagne yeast dies, forming sediment of lees in the bottle. Then, over a period of months, these dead yeast cells start to break down, releasing chemical compounds into the wine, a process known as yeast autolysis. These contribute to the characteristic flavor of the Champagne, giving biscuit …

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What Is Phylloxera? (2023)

What Is Phylloxera

Phylloxera (Daktulosphaira vitifoliae) is an insect pest native to North America. Regrettably, the main Eurasian grapevine Vitis vinifera species is unable to defend itself against it. Consequently, it caused widespread destruction to the vineyards of Europe when it was accidentally introduced in the 19th Century. Phylloxera has a complex life cycle, taking different forms throughout …

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What Are Wine Tannins? (2023)

What Are Wine Tannins

Tannins are perhaps the most important structural component in red wines since, essentially, they are a wine’s pucker power. They are extracted from the grape skins, stems, and seeds during alcoholic fermentation. Technically speaking, tannins are plant-derived polyphenols. For example, except grapes, and subsequently wine, tea also has tannins. Red wines that remain in contact …

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What Is Leafroll Virus? (2023)

What Is Leafroll Virus

Leafroll virus (LFV) is a serious grapevine disease and concerns viticulture on a worldwide level. Leafroll is named after the foliar symptoms observed on grapevine varieties from the end of August to autumn. It is also referred to as Grapevine Leafroll-Associated Virus (GRLaV). Most grapevines affected by leafroll see reduced yields and quality of fruit. …

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What Is Brettanomyces? (2023)

What Is Brettanomyces

Brettanomyces, also known as Brett, is a yeast that imparts plastic or animal aromas, such as sticking plasters, smoke, leather, or sweaty horses, to wine. To put it differently, Brettanomyces could cause spoilage in wines via the production of volatile phenol compounds. At first glance, these characters may seem unpleasant. However, many wine enthusiasts enjoy …

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What Is Botrytis Cinerea? (2023)

What Is Botrytis Cinerea

Botrytis cinerea is a fungus or mold responsible for causing rot in many fruits, including wine grapes. In fact, grapes are highly susceptible to this fungus. Botrytis causes bunch rot, commonly known as grey rot or botrytis rot. While infecting a fruit, it also creates ideal conditions for the growth of spoilage organisms. Apart from …

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A Brief History of Wine (2023)

History of Wine

Beyond fermented grape juice in a glass, the influence of wine across the world is undeniable. Learning about how wine was, and still is, produced in different parts of the world, across different cultures, can even enrich your wine drinking experience. The production of wine has been shaped significantly by history and innovation. Understanding how …

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