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Mirassou Pinot Noir Review (2021)

Mirassou Pinot Noir Featured

What Kind of Wine Is Mirassou Pinot Noir? A wine that gracefully combines the essences of red berries and cherry, Pinot Noir is arguably the most cherished wine worldwide. Grown throughout the world, this grape is versatile in its flavor and texture. With a thin-skinned grape, the Mirassou Pinot Noir captures the beautiful earthy notes …

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Clos du Bois Merlot Review (2021)

Clos du Bois Merlot Featured

What Kind of Wine Is Clos du Bois Merlot? Clos du Bois Merlot is a dry red wine from Sonoma County in California. The wine combines fruitiness and secondary sensations such as mocha, chocolate, and leather to create a sweet and irresistible tale. The Mediterranean climate of the region showers the vines in Sonoma with …

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