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SeaGlass Riesling Review (2022)

SeaGlass Riesling Featured

What Kind of Wine Is SeaGlass Riesling? SeaGlass Riesling is a still white wine housed in an unconventional blue bottle. With close links to the coastline and the ocean, SeaGlass Riesling reviews highlight the symbiotic relationship between the marine influenced weather and the development of the wine. The sea has a pivotal role in creating …

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Risata Pink Moscato Review (2022)

Risata Pink Moscato Featured

What Kind of Wine Is Risata Pink Moscato? Risata Pink Moscato is a medium-sweet rosé wine from Italy. Exploding with juicy flavors of red fruits, its finish is sweet and balanced. On top of that, Risata Pink Moscato boasts soft and delicate bubbles and vibrant acidity. Fantastic for warm-weather occasions or by the pool during …

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La Marca Prosecco Review (2022)

La Marca Prosecco Featured

What Kind of Wine Is La Marca Prosecco? La Marca Prosecco is a sparkling white Italian wine. Not only that. This prosecco is one of the most popular sparkling wines in the world! No comment about the most prominent Italian prosecco would be valued without a La Marca prosecco sparkling wine review. La Marca is …

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