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Josh Cellars Merlot Review (2023)

Josh Cellars Merlot Featured

What Kind of Wine Is Josh Cellars Merlot? Josh Cellars Merlot is a dry red wine from California. It is flavorful and well-balanced, offering bright cherry and plum flavors. On top of that, Josh Cellars Merlot feels firm from its velvety tannins. The vivid acidity refreshes and rounds the mouthfeel. California Merlots are fruit-forward, displaying

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Line 39 Pinot Noir Review (2023)

Line 39 Pinot Noir Featured

What Kind of Wine Is Line 39 Pinot Noir? Line 39 Pinot Noir is a red wine from California, the most significant winemaking region of the United States and home to some of the oldest vines. Line 39 is a solidly-built, well-balanced Pinot Noir with cranberry and cherry flavors, soft tannins, and refreshingly crisp acidity.

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Rex Goliath Merlot Review (2023)

Rex Goliath Merlot Featured

What Kind of Wine Is Rex Goliath Merlot? Rex Goliath is a plummy red dry wine that has won 50 gold medals in wine competitions. Wait—wow! This wine seems really promising then! Rex Goliath is made from the Merlot grape variety, with the grapes cultivated in vineyards in the Central Valley of California. The Mediterranean

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Barefoot Malbec Review (2023)

Barefoot Malbec Featured

What Kind of Wine Is Barefoot Malbec? Barefoot Malbec is a medium-to-full-bodied dry red wine from Modesto, California. It starts with explosive black fruit aromas and gentle green fruit scents on the nose. Next, it exhibits waves of red fruit flavors mingled with chocolate and baking spice touches in the mouth. Everything, however, is balanced

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14 Hands Stampede Review (2023)

14 Hands Stampede Featured

What Kind of Wine Is 14 Hands Stampede? A blended red of Merlot, Syrah, and varieties of Petite Sirah, this bold wine is not to be overlooked. Packing a punch, and carrying a lingering aftertaste, 14 hands Stampede certainly lives up to its name. This blend is well-structured and weighted while allowing fruit flavors to

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Red Diamond Merlot Review (2023)

Red Diamond Merlot Featured

What Kind of Wine Is Red Diamond Merlot? Red Diamond Merlot is a powerful and complicated red wine from Washington, with soft-spiced black cherry, berry and ripe plum aromas, and hints of a toasty oak background. Sweet, tasty fruit on the palate is complemented by medium-bodied, fine-grained tannins and a smooth finish. Red Diamond Merlot

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