14 Hands Stampede Review (2023)

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What Kind of Wine Is 14 Hands Stampede?

A blended red of Merlot, Syrah, and varieties of Petite Sirah, this bold wine is not to be overlooked. Packing a punch, and carrying a lingering aftertaste, 14 hands Stampede certainly lives up to its name. This blend is well-structured and weighted while allowing fruit flavors to shine through. One can certainly say that they have mastered the highly skilled art of blending wines.

14 hands Stampede originates from the famed Columbia Valley, is highly regarded for its dedication to full-bodied reds. This area produces only the highest quality wines, and this one is certainly a tribute. With its luxurious flavor, allowing you to casually sip each glass, this is a red that will suit all taste buds. The price, however, is not comparable to the flavor. With an amazingly economic price, you won’t be breaking the bank. From novices to experts, everyone around your table will be delighted with this blend.

14 Hands Stampede Review

  • Winery — Ste. Michelle Wine Estates
  • Country/Region — United States, Washington
  • Type — Red Blend
  • Aroma — Dark Cherries, Plum, Spicy Cedar, Vanilla, Roasted Nuts
  • Grapes — Merlot, Syrah, And Varieties Of Petite Sirah
  • Taste — Cola, Cherries, Spice, Cedar, Plum
  • Alcohol Content — 13.5%
  • Sugar — Very Dry
  • Pairing — Bold Red Meat, Spices, Dark Chocolate

14 Hands have truly outdone themselves with this red. Although an economical wine, it goes above and beyond what is expected from low-budget blends. With an explosion of flavor and a creamy texture that lingers in your mouth, you will be left wanting more. This is by far the most approachable wine, and with its amazing price, complex flavors, and heavy, earthy aromas, it is hard to find any flaws in this blend. It is certainly a unique red blend that I have yet to find in other wines. You will be praised at parties for bringing this bottle. So, sit down, take a sip and enjoy every flavor that this bottle has to offer.

Overall Rating: 3.9

  • Excellent Value For Money
  • Great Flavors
  • Smooth Drinking
  • Bold Without Being Overwhelming
  • A Bit Too Dry
  • Slightly Acidic Bite

Tasting Notes

14 hands Stampede is a complex wine, providing a plump layered taste to each sip. The versatility of this wine can be attributed to the blend of the Merlot, Syrah, and Petite Sirah grapes. Each one possesses a unique and beautiful flavor that is both distinct and complementary.

They come together in this dense and attractive red. Alongside the grapes, the taste can also be attributed to the process this wine undergoes. With malolactic fermentation and aging in an oak barrel, the wine transforms into a smooth, almost creamy drink, with little acidity. Deemed a more casual wine, it is perfect for events such as BBQs, get-togethers, and quiet nights in.


The smooth opaque bottle accentuates the scene of stampeding horses crafted on the label. The eye is drawn to the vivid colors of each horse revealing what lies within; an almost impenetrable opulent red. Emerging from this bottle, the wine pours smoothly into your glass, contains a royal burgundy color, rich in its vibrancy. This red is almost black within the glass. The colors of violet and cherry swirl together in a perfect mixture. When the light seeps through, it reflects this gorgeous color, creating a shining ruby red. The color is a true testament of the flavors within this wine.


The aromatic profile of 14 hands Stampede is a fusion of smells. With a weighted body, the aroma lingers on the nose. The notes of dark cherries, berries, and plum greet you first; this fruit-forward wine, thanks to the Merlot. has an almost jam-like scent to it. Layered upon these notes are aromas most commonly associated with Syrah. Notes of peppery spice, smoky cedar, and a hint of roasted nuts along with subtle vanilla, give this wine a more earthy smell. Combining all these notes, a harmonious spicy-sweet aroma encapsulates the complexity of this blend.


Evoking a sleek warming sensation that rounds in the mouth, 14 Hands Stampede red blend is a sophisticated balance of flavors. A voluptuous wine that brings forward tastes of spice, cedar, and plum, then finishing off on a sweet taste of cola and dark cherries. These flavors are complemented by the dryness of this red, bringing an almost bitter sensation to the front of the mouth that lingers on the palette. The warmth of this wine, transports you to a place that is reminiscent of a cozy winter’s evening, tucked away with your glass of wine by an open fire.


With an enduring, bold finish, it lingers on your tongue long after the first sip. This full-bodied red is perfect for an intimate night with friends. It is a wine to be enjoyed slowly, enjoying each sip to experience the explosion of flavors. The spicy notes and smokey cedar rests in your mouth, tingling all your tastebuds. While hints of silky vanilla and a supple note of oak casually rest on your tongue. The smooth, buttery texture of this wine will leave you craving more. This is a dense red, with a slightly bitter sensation that adds to the dramatic finish.


As a devotee of red wines, I can be a bit fussy when it comes to certain blends and brands. I always believed that the more you spent on a bottle, the better the wine was going to taste. 14 hands Stampede, however, has drastically changed my mind and has won me over to economy wines.

A genuinely top-quality blend that is sophisticated yet approachable. It is an explosion of earthy flavors that I have yet to experience with other economy wines, and the pricing is really just the cherry on top. Accordingly, 14 Hands Stampede reviews are only exceptional.

14 Hands Stampede Food Pairing

The intense, deep flavoring of 14 hands Stampede blend brings ingredients of rich main meals forward. As a heavier wine with a mix of earthy flavors and dark fruits, it is best paired with bold red meats, spices, and tomato-based sauces. Being a blend of grapes, this wine is versatile with its pairing and can be used for many different occasions. The mix of the Malbec and Syrah, with the spicy-sweet flavors, allows you to pair it with even the most casual of meals such as spicy curries, Korean BBQ, and Tandoori chicken.

This blend also complements richer dishes such as veal, braised beef, Ragu, and of course, steak dishes. Not only is this blend perfect for main meals, but it goes well with charcuterie boards which are perfect for winter evenings with friends. If you wish to be a bit more adventurous with your pairing, you can mix it up and have this wine with a dark chocolate dish. The notes of plum and dark cherries in this wine will enhance the richness of this dessert.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Makes 14 Hands Stampede?

Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, deemed the pioneers of winemaking in the Washington region, produces this gorgeous red. Established in 1934, Ste. Michelle Wine Estates is hailed as the oldest winery in Washington State. This rich history and experience in wine-making lead to exceptionally produced grapes and the finest wines around. Famed for their Chardonnay, Cabernet, Merlot, and Riesling, Ste, Michelle Wine Estates are certainly the leading wineries in the US.

14 Hands is a branch of this fine wine estate. Set up in 2005, it was originally a restaurant-only brand. But, as it became more popular Ste Michelle Wine Estates decided to make it readily available to the public. Due to the high demand and soar in popularity, CEO Ted Baseler decided to create a winery solely for 14 Hands. Located 200 miles away from the Ste. Michelle Wine Estates headquarters, this winery has continued the legacy of high-quality grapes and beautiful wines.

How Is 14 Hands Stampede Made?

Immediately after the grapes are harvested, they are destemmed and undergo a process known as cold-soaking. It is one of the most common processes of red winemaking and encourages the beginning of fermentation. These grapes are cold-soaked for 5-7 days usually in temperatures between 41-50 degrees Fahrenheit. This draws out supple tannins, leading to a more fruit-forward wine, with an intense ruby color. The next step in this process is the primary fermentation. This is the stage where the yeast transforms the sugars into alcohol and CO2.

The skin of the grapes is left on for this stage to extract tannins and adds more flavor into the ingredients. After primary fermentation, the grapes go through a process known as Malolactic fermentation. A special bacterium called Oenococcus Oeni is added to the wine. This bacterium then converts the sour malic acid into lactic acid. This creates a buttery, almost creamy texture to the wine. Once the fermentation process is completed. The wine is then stored in French and American oak barrels for up to 2 years. This encourages the notes of vanilla and roasted nuts.

Where Is 14 Hands Stampede Made?

This wine originates in the region of Columbia Valley, Washington State. Over 11 million acres cover this wine region making it one of the largest in the US. 40,0000 acres of this area is covered in vine, giving it a diverse collection of soils and landscapes that are suited to most grapes. Due to the dry environment of this terrain, irrigation is essential. However, this is a positive for winemakers as it leads to a consistent yield of grapes every year.

Horse Heaven Hills Wine is a District Of Columbia Valley where this blend is produced. Within this area are volcanic and sandy loam soil which stimulates deep root growth. Deep root growth produces more unique and intense flavors within the wine. Most vines within this area are rooted on the banks of the Columbia River. Exposed to strong winds here, the grapes become tougher and encourage vigor within the vine, thereby creating a high-quality grape that this region is renowned for.

How to Serve 14 Hands Stampede?

This red blend is best served at room temperature. Like most full-bodied red wines, the temperature should be between 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit (15 to 21 degrees Celsius). In order to experience the aromas and full flavor of the blend, aeration is a must. To get the best results, the aeration of this wine should be left at a maxim of 25 to 30 minutes.

Pour this wine into a deep wine glass, from a distance, to encourage aeration. Stop once the wine reaches the widest part of the glass. Reseal the bottle to prevent this blend from oxidizing and store it in a dark, dry place to preserve the flavors.

How Much Does 14 Hands Stampede Cost?

For the high quality and flavor of this wine, you would be surprised at the economical price per bottle. 14 Hands Stampede price ranges from $9.00 to $14.00 per 750ml. It is a wine that is accessible to all people for all incomes. Although a low-budget wine, it certainly does not skimp on the superior flavors, texture, and production of this blend.

How Long Does 14 Hands Stampede Last?

The great thing about full-bodied reds is that they can last an indefinite amount of time. However, to enjoy 14 hands Stampede to the fullest, it should be consumed within the first 3-5 years of production. Consuming the wine within this time frame will allow you to experience all the flavors that make this blend unique.

Once opened, this red can remain fresh for 4-6 days given the density and alcohol content of this wine. It is important to store this bottle in a dry, dark place to conserve the flavors and ensure that oxidation does not take place.

How Many Calories Does 14 Hands Stampede Have?

This wine contains 120 calories per serving, usually 5fl oz. As there are usually 6 servings for this wine, 14 Hands Stampede calories intake per bottle is 732. The calorie breakdown per serving is 0% fat, 5% potassium, and 1% carbohydrates. 14 Hands Stampede alcohol content is 13.5% and for a standard serving of this blend, it is approximately 2.3 units of alcohol.


14 Hands have truly outdone themselves with this red. Although an economical wine, it goes above and beyond what is expected from low-budget blends. With an explosion of flavor and a creamy texture that lingers in your mouth, you will be left wanting more. This is by far the most approachable wine, and with its amazing price, complex flavors, and heavy, earthy aromas, it is hard to find any flaws in this blend. It is certainly a unique red blend that I have yet to find in other wines. You will be praised at parties for bringing this bottle. So, sit down, take a sip and enjoy every flavor that this bottle has to offer.

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