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What Kind of Wine Is 14 Hands Chardonnay?

14 Hands Chardonnay is a barrel-fermented dry white wine from Washington. It has delicate floral aromas and green fruit scents, complemented by rich tropical and peach fruit flavors. The butter and oak texture is intense and is counterbalanced by the zippy acidity. The finish is lengthy and equally creamy. As a noble variety of the Old World, Chardonnay grows best in France and specifically in Chablis. In fact, Chablis Chardonnay is considered very prestigious, with many Chardonnay bottles carrying the designation of Grand Cru.

Now, the region of Chablis has a cool climate, giving Chardonnay wines a very lean feel and texture. These Chardonnays are light-to-medium-bodied, often displaying flavors of green apple, pear, melon, peach, and apricot. The Chardonnays that grow in warm climates, like California or Australia, exhibit plush tropical fruit tastes, such as mango, banana, passion fruit, and guava. On top of this, occasionally, they are oaked, too, showing flavors of cassis, tobacco, cinnamon spice, and smoke.

14 Hands Chardonnay Review

  • Winery — 14 Hands Winery
  • Country/Region — United States, Washington
  • Type — Washington State Chardonnay
  • Aroma — Hibiscus, Apple, Pear, Grapefruit, Lemon, Charred Wood, Smoke
  • Grapes — Chardonnay
  • Taste — Mango, Peach, Apricot, Butter, Honey, Walnut, Licorice, Pepper, Vanilla Spice
  • Alcohol Content — 13.5%
  • Sugar — Dry
  • Pairing — Roast Chicken, Lemon Pepper Salmon, Salmon, Seafood Alfredo, Ceasar Salad

14 Hands Chardonnay is a great example of Washington winemaking. Being barrel-fermented also is splendid as the oakiness gives to the wine structure and weight. In this way, 14 Hands Chardonnay is bold and dynamic, with white flower aromas and plentiful mango and peach flavors in the mouth. Mellow and oaky, 14 Hands Chardonnay is impressive.

Overall Rating: 4.1

  • Delightful Nose
  • Creamy Palate
  • Dynamic Oak Character
  • Aging Potential
  • Way Too Intense Buttery Texture

Tasting Notes

14 Hands Chardonnay wine starts the wine-drinking journey with elegant floral fragrances and green fruit aromas. Notes of charred wood are present, driving to a savory palate filled with tropical and peach fruit flavors. The creaminess is intense and comes in the form of butter touches. In addition, the acidity is lively and refreshing, while the finish concludes the tasting profile with vanilla spice hints.


From the moment the wine pours into the glass, a golden yellow color appears. That is so attractive. And it indicates dynamism. Further, the center is semi-opaque and a bit foggy due to the barrel-fermentation. A few swirls later, 14 Hands Chardonnay develops a medium lemon hue on the sides, with a small lemon-green reflection. The tears of the wine are long but with density.


On the nose, 14 Hands Chardonnay is sweet-smelling. Fragrances of hibiscus join green and citrus fruit aromas, like apple, pear, and lemon, creating an intensely aromatic bouquet. However, the wine does not display only primary aromas, as the oak character s not missing. Sensations of charred wood and smoke add depth, leading the way to the creamy mouth.


Flavors of mango, peach and juicy apricot define the wine’s palate. They blend with butter and honey touches for additional savoriness. Nutty hints of walnut and licorice accompany a pepper note, as overtones of vanilla spice provide structure and complicatedness. Consequently, 14 Hands Chardonnay is mouthwatering.


14 Hands Chardonnay finishes with a lingering and lengthy aftertaste. As the wine sits still on the tip of the tongue, pineapple and peach flavors mingle with a pear taste, just before the crisp acidity takes over, washing the mouth, preparing it for another sip. That said, it would be super cool if the barrel-fermentation were a bit clearer.


14 Hands Chardonnay is a one-hundred percent American-made wine. And it encompasses the characteristic elements and style of the region of its production. It is oaked, structured, and rich. With an aromatic nose that is not muted and a plush palate, 14 Hands Chardonnay is mouthwatering. Refined and smooth, the wine shows symmetry between silkiness and rounded acidity. Fantastic!

14 Hands Chardonnay Food Pairing

14 Hands Chardonnay is versatile and can pair with a variety of dishes. Combine the wine with roast chicken or lemon pepper salmon. You will love how the tenderness of the chicken meat blends with the pear aromas and peach flavors of the wine. Likewise, you are in for a good one with the salmon too, as the fish’s oiliness blends with 14 Hands Chardonnay’s creamy texture for endless pleasure.

Moreover, try to match the wine also with seafood Alfredo and a fresh Ceasar salad. In both cases, the tastes are incredible as the seafood Alfredo’s subtle sweetness accompanies the earthiness of the wine, while the Ceasar salad is refreshing just like the 14 Hands Chardonnay’s palate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Makes 14 Hands Chardonnay?

14 Hands Chardonnay is a label of 14 Hands Winery, located in Prosser, Washington. 14 Hands wines are inspired by the untamable spirit of the wild horses that freely roamed Eastern Washington. These horses have become living symbols of the pioneer spirit of the American West.

14 Hands was introduced in 2005 as an on-premise brand to provide restaurants with by-the-glass wine with fruit sourced primarily from the Horse Heaven Hills in Eastern Washington. The success of the brand, however, led 14 Hands to enter the off-premise market in 2010. By 2017, 14 Hands reached two million cases.

Winemaker at 14 Hands is Keith Kenison, who takes a practical approach to winemaking. He lets the fruit express itself without putting it under extensive manipulations or techniques. His ultimate goal is to create wines that people enjoy drinking, so, at times, he makes decisions based purely on taste.

Kenison has over two years of experience working with Washington state wines. He started as a cellar worker for Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, in 1992. Then, Kenison was promoted to an assistant winemaker at Columbia Crest Winery in 2002, before becoming winemaker for 14 Hands in 2005, when the branch launched.

How Is 14 Hands Chardonnay Made?

Chardonnay wines give fresh fruit aromas and flavors. For this reason, the grapes need careful handling to avoid oxidation and acidification. After harvest, the grapes are destemmed and crushed. Crushing breaks the skins of the grapes and liberates a quantity of juice. But damaging the seeds should be avoided. Otherwise, they release bitter oils and tannin, and the final wine becomes astringent and bitter.

After crushing, pressing follows. Pressing separates the liquid and the solid constituents of grapes. Seeds should remain undamaged once again. Then, that juice is clarified to preserve primary fruit flavor. However, instead of going into stainless steel vessels to obtain a crisp balance, it goes fed into predominantly neutral oak barrels to achieve toastiness. Afterward, the juice undergoes malolactic conversion to increase the body and soften the mouthfeel of the final wine. When that is over, it is filtered from sediments and bottled. Thus, 14 Hands Chardonnay is produced.

Where Is 14 Hands Chardonnay Made?

14 Hands Chardonnay is crafted in Washington, best known for juicy red or crisp white wines. Vineyards in Washington are planted in the Columbia Valley. It lies east of the Cascade Mountains in the valleys of the Columbia River. Within this area are the notable Yakima Valley and Walla Walla. On top of that, the Columbia Valley is in the rain shadow of the Cascade Mountains, making river irrigation a necessity.

Daylight hours and consistent summer temperatures are an advantage of the region too. The grapes attain optimal ripeness due to the sunny days. On the contrary, the cool nights help them to sustain natural levels of acidity. The gravest challenge of the region is the winter freeze, which may reduce crop volumes by half.

How to Serve 14 Hands Chardonnay?

14 Hands Chardonnay has to be chilled at fifty to fifty-four degrees Fahrenheit (ten to thirteen degrees Celsius) and served in medium-sized white wine glasses. The reason for this is that the large surface provides the wine with essential aeration. As the air comes into contact with the wine surface, the aromas and flavors this bottling elevate.

Moreover, 14 Hands Chardonnay has to stay cool during service. To do that, use an ice bucket or wine cooler. The bucket should be filled three-quarters full with equal quantities of ice and water so that iced water surrounds the bottle. The water is then able to transfer the heat from the bottle to melt the ice. Air acts as an insulator, and the bottle chills. However, over-chilling masks flavors in wines. So, keep that in mind.

How Much Does 14 Hands Chardonnay Cost?

14 Hands Chardonnay has an average price point. 14 Hands Chardonnay price ranges from $10 to $19 per 750ml bottle, depending on the vintage and vendor. Therefore, consumers can purchase the wine without needing to pay a hefty price. That said, 14 Hands Chardonnay retails higher than most American Chardonnays. That is due to being barrel-fermented. So, if you enjoy drinking oaked whites, this bottling is probably for you.

How Long Does 14 Hands Chardonnay Last?

Chardonnay wines are superb for bottle aging due to the flavor neutrality of the Chardonnay varietal. On top of that, their creamy body, slight sweetness, and high alcohol concentration help them mature successfully. And after maturation, aromas and flavors of almond, hazelnut, dried apricot, and marmalade develop, enhancing the wine’s character. To mature 14 Hands Chardonnay, seal it with a cork and store it in an environment with room temperatures that do not fluctuate (fifty to sixty degrees Fahrenheit or ten to fifteen Celsius) and a portion of humidity.

Direct sunlight or artificial light should be kept at bay, as they may cause irreversible damage. Intense exposure to light rearranges the chemical compounds found in wine, like oxygen and temperature, and causes wine faults. That means that the wine ages prematurely, and its aromas, flavors, and even color change for the worse. The resulting wine is known as light-struck. Odors also must be avoided, as they might find their way inside the bottle. If they do, they usually instill unwelcome aromas and flavors, like intense animal sweat or vinegar. Lastly, do the wine mature around three to four years. It will develop a one-of-a-kind mellowness.

How Many Calories Does 14 Hands Chardonnay Have?

14 Hands Chardonnay is a super suitable dietary choice. There are around 22 calories in 1 fluid ounce of the wine, equating to 122 calories per serving. The calorie breakdown is 0 grams of fats, 0 grams of sodium, 0 grams of total carbohydrates, 0 grams of protein, and 0 grams of total sugars. Consequently, 14 Hands Chardonnay calories are pretty low, making the wine an ideal beverage choice for consumers on a diet. For those interested in 14 Hands Chardonnay alcohol content, it is 13,5% per 750ml bottle. That is a regular alcoholic concentration for a medium-to-full-bodied Chardonnay.


14 Hands Chardonnay is a great example of Washington winemaking. Being barrel-fermented also is splendid as the oakiness gives to the wine structure and weight. In this way, 14 Hands Chardonnay is bold and dynamic, with white flower aromas and plentiful mango and peach flavors in the mouth. Mellow and oaky, 14 Hands Chardonnay is impressive.

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