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What Kind of Wine Is Gascon Malbec?

The legendary Don Miguel Gascon Malbec is the producer of this beautiful wine. It is a full-bodied red that captures the deep, dark essence of the Merlot grape. It is one of the most popular and renowned grapes worldwide, Malbec wines now dominate the market. However, none have come close to honoring and creating such exceptional notes of dark, plump fruits intertwining with layers of licorice and chocolate quite like the Don Miguel Gascon winery.

Once native to southwest France, the Malbec grape has flourished in Gascon’s native land of Argentina. This wine transforms into a deep ruby color with a buttery, plush mouthfeel from the high temperatures, microclimates, and diverse altitudes. This approachable wine, full of flavor and aromas, is perfect for sharing with friends on intimate evenings or sipping on special occasions. No matter where you drink it, you’ll be able to enjoy the full luxury of this wine.

Gascon Malbec Review

  • Winery — Don Miguel Gascon
  • Country/Region — Mendoza, Argentina
  • Type — Red Wine
  • Aroma — Jam, Plum, Blackberry, Pepper, Vanilla
  • Grapes — Malbec
  • Taste — Blueberry, Blackberry, Chocolate, Licorice, Spice
  • Alcohol Content — 13%
  • Sugar — Very Dry
  • Pairing — Pork, Wild Game, Dark chocolate, Blue Cheese

Gascon Malbec has lived up to its legendary status by producing a refined, plump wine with beautifully integrated flavors that lingers in your mouth. The creamy texture soothes, while the brimming acidity brightens in the mouth. Leaving you wanting more. It is an exceptionally approachable wine for its flavor and also for its price. Although an economical wine, it has transcended many expensive wines and become renowned globally. A wine for any occasion that is unique in its balance and creamy flavors. You will not be disappointed with this choice of wine. So, trust Gascon Malbec reviews and take a sip.

Overall Rating: 3.9

  • Well-Priced
  • Punch Of Flavor
  • Balanced
  • Holds The Flavors
  • A Little Bland

Tasting Notes

Don Miguel Gascon Malbec is a well-structured, rounded, and dense red. This fruit-forward wine, with a palate of blackberry and blueberry, enters smoothly. The dryness provides a bold finish complemented with earthy notes of vanilla, cacao, and licorice.

Although known for being a hefty grape that gives way to intense flavors, the notes within this wine are delicately layered, allowing for a smooth sip that does not overpower the senses. From aging in oak barrels, the wine produces undertones of earthy flavors, complemented with bright acidity and rounded tannins. This wine is perfectly balanced with a soft entry and beautifully brilliant finish.


The regal purple color that subtly fills the bottle, creates an air of luxury that gives an insight into the flavor, aroma, and color of this wine that you will experience on the first sip. The label itself remains simple and refined to reflect the elegance and superiority of the Malbec grape.

The combination of simplicity and elegance leads to an iconic bottle that you will not forget. A deep, dense ruby color is seen from the first pour. Then, a purple hue is produced by the Malbec grape’s plump fruits. The color glosses over the glass and gives way to a violet rim, and finally settling into a blood-red color. This is an elegant red wine.


The Gascon Malbec is characterized by a distinct, layered yet well-balanced aromatic profile. The velvety aroma of fruit first hits the nose, creating an almost jam-like scent. This is enhanced by the notes of blackberry and plum, which is attributed to the Malbec grape’s thick skin, which delivers a phenomenal fruit-forward bouquet.

Then, a sharp scent of smoked perfume, spice, pepper, and vanilla cuts through, creating a perfect balance of earthy and fruity aromas. The spicy-sweet fragrance encapsulates this wine’s complexity, and brings to mind cozy winter evenings spent with close friends.


The palate of this red creates is exceptionally rounded and weighty. The taste is voluptuous due to the plump fruits that evoke a real sense of sophistication and luxury. These dark fruits of plum, blackberry, and blueberry rest on the tongue and linger throughout the first sip. These fruit-forward flavors are enhanced by a peppery spiciness, which is then intertwined with a layer of licorice, chocolate, and vanilla— reminding you of childhood memories of candy stores. The finish is dry and crafts a bitter, tart background that ends in a bold lasting finish.


With a velvety, enduring finish, the Gason Malbec is long-lasting and lingers pleasantly after the first sip. It is an enjoyable experience that needs to be honored by savoring the wine’s flavors and textures. Rounding in your mouth, the wine provides a buttery texture attributed to the oak barreled aging and fermentation process. Although a big, earthy wine, it is easy to drink with the notes of dense fruits, which is further complemented by the dusty notes of pepper and spice. The finish is harmonious as it perfectly balances the freshness of the dark fruits alongside the savory flavors of pepper and roasted nuts. It is a wine that everyone can appreciate.


With many Malbec’s readily available on the market, it can often be difficult finding one that is an authentic tribute to this beautiful black-skinned grape. Many Malbec’s fail to capture the essence, flavor, and aroma that this superior grape can produce and often lead to a lackluster wine experience. This is why I often have doubts about trying new Malbecs as I have been disappointed in the past by some brands. However, Gascon Malbec has proven me wrong.

My Don Miguel Gascon Malbec review cannot find any flaws with this variation of the grape. It is lush and elegant, bringing forth new depths of flavor. With its long history of winemaking, the Gascon Malbec has crafted a wine that has become legendary with its taste and texture, not only in Argentina, but worldwide. It is truly an accessible wine for all tastes – from novices to experts, and everyone will enjoy this vibrant red.

Gascon Malbec Food Pairing

Malbecs are versatile wines and that means that many main meals and appetizers can be paired with them. Although Gascon Malbec has an enduring finish, the intensity does overpower the taste buds, allowing it to be paired well with pork and wild game, such as turkey or pheasant. Although main meals go divinely with this wine, it can also be enjoyed with entrees such as crackers and creamy cheese. The fruitfulness of the Malbec enhances the robust flavors of cheeses like Gorgonzola, and Blue Cheese.

If you have a sweet dish and prefer to pair your wine with desserts, Malbec goes wonderfully with dark chocolate dishes. The dark chocolate brings forward the subtle flavors of cacao and vanilla in this wine, while the dark fruits complement the dish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Makes Gascon Malbec?

The winery at which this Malbec is made, was constructed 130 years ago by Miguel Escorihuela Gascon. Deemed the pioneer of winemaking in Argentina, Miguel Gascon arrived from Spain and shot to fame within Argentina thanks to his exceptionally artistic form of winemaking. He propelled Argentina into the upper echelon of winemaking worldwide.

For the last 15 years, Don Gascon’s winery has been managed by Ernesto Colten, who has retained this winery’s legendary status. Through determination, growth of vineyards, and ethics of producing superior wine, Don Gascon winery has become Argentina’s leading winery. It is the oldest winery in Argentina, with roots in both the heart of the land and the hearts of the people.

How Is Gascon Malbec Made?

From the dry harvest periods in Mendoza, the winemakers of Gascon winery can pick their grapes in accordance with the ripeness, rather than being determined by the weather. This gives way to a brighter and more refined grape. The grapes are then destemmed and undergo a process known as cold soaking. The grapes are cold-soaked for a maximum of a week in temperatures between 41-50 degrees Fahrenheit (5-10 Celsius). This encourages fermentation and draws out the dense flavors of the fruit.

Primary fermentation happens after this process. The skin is left on, which provides the Malbec with its rich burgundy color and adds more concentrated flavors to the ingredients. After that, the wine is going through a process known as Malolactic fermentation. Not all wines go through this process. However, to obtain a soft, buttery texture, Gascon winery adds Oenococcus Omni bacteria to the Malbec. This converts the malic acid into a creamy, smooth lactic acid.

Once the fermentation is over, the wine is stored in aged oak barrels, which contributes to the wine’s earthy flavors.

Where Is Gascon Malbec Made?

This wine originates from Mendoza, the largest wine region in Argentina that spans over 356,000 acres and rests on the edge of the Andes Mountains. Due to the volume of land and rich soil, the area is responsible for producing 70% of Argentinian wine. This region’s success is attributed to the soil, altitude, and climate, which produces intense and highly concentrated red wines. Many vineyards in this area are 3900 ft above sea level, which helps cool the vines from the hot, dry sun. At night, the temperature drops, which allows an extension of vine growth and contributes to the grape’s ripe flavors.

The soil is a combination of rocks and sand, leading to the earth itself being dry and of low infertility. This forces the vines to work hard, and the result is a small, intense flavored grape. Emerging from this soil, altitude, and climate, the Malbec grape is weighty, well structured, and full of intense flavors.

How to Serve Gascon Malbec ?

Unlike many reds, to obtain the fullness of this Malbec’s flavor, it is best served slightly below room temperature, between 59 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit (15- 17 degrees Celsius). This allows the full-bodied red to reflect the rounded tannins and creamy mouthfeel fully. Before opening, it should remain chilled for a maxim of 25 minutes, either in a fridge or wine cooler.

As this wine’s aroma is intense, it needs to be poured into a deep wine glass to allow the aromatic profile to flourish. Allowing the wine to breathe correctly and bring forward the oak notes, dark fruits, and bright acidity.

How Much Does Gascon Malbec Cost?

Although the reigning wine in Argentina produces high-quality grapes yearly, the price per bottle will not break the bank. Ranging from $9.00 to $12.00, the Gascon Malbec price seems to be a steal. While economical, it certainly does not skimp on the experience, flavor, or aroma.

How Long Does Gascon Malbec Last?

From its dark flavors of fruit and chocolate, this Malbec has a peak drinking time of between seven to 10 years with notes of oak. As a rule of thumb with most full-bodied wines, the longer you leave to age, the better it will taste. So, if you wish to savor this bottle thoroughly, then choose to drink it between those given years.

Once opened, the Gascon Malbec can be stored in a dark, cool place and last for up to four days. Due to the high acidity and generous amount of tannins, this Malbec lasts longer than most full-bodied reds.

How Many Calories Does Gascon Malbec Have?

This wine contains 125 calories per serving, which on average is 5fl oz. As this bottle contains six servings, the Gascon Malbec calorie intake is a total of 750 calories. The Gascon Malbec alcohol content is 13% ABV, making it a full-bodied red and has a calorie breakdown of 2% carbohydrates, 0% fat, 3% potassium, and 1% sugar.


Gascon Malbec has lived up to its legendary status by producing a refined, plump wine with beautifully integrated flavors that lingers in your mouth. The creamy texture soothes, while the brimming acidity brightens in the mouth. Leaving you wanting more. It is an exceptionally approachable wine for its flavor and also for its price. Although an economical wine, it has transcended many expensive wines and become renowned globally.

A wine for any occasion that is unique in its balance and creamy flavors. You will not be disappointed with this choice of wine. So, trust Gascon Malbec reviews and take a sip.

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