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What Kind of Wine Is SeaGlass Riesling?

SeaGlass Riesling is a still white wine housed in an unconventional blue bottle. With close links to the coastline and the ocean, SeaGlass Riesling reviews highlight the symbiotic relationship between the marine influenced weather and the development of the wine. The sea has a pivotal role in creating an exceptionally long growing season which translates into grapes of concentrated flavour. The wine displays the typical fruitiness of Riesling with a pronounced apricot and peach introduction followed by a finish that lingers in an off dry fashion largely as a result of the well-balanced acidity. The wine is a wonderful combination of soft tropical fruits and a fragrant floral bouquet that delivers a distinctive off dry balance to the sweetness of the melon and other rich fruit.

SeaGlass Riesling Review

  • Winery — SeaGlass
  • Country/Region — United States, California, Santa Barbara County
  • Type — Californian Riesling
  • Aroma — Floral, White Flowers And Soft Tropical Fruits
  • Grapes — Riesling
  • Taste — Ripe Apricots, Peaches, And Melons With A Balanced Acidity
  • Alcohol Content — 12.8%
  • Sugar — Semi-Sweet
  • Pairing — Shellfish, Salmon, Blue Cheese, And Spicy Asian Food

The SeaGlass Riesling provides a unique introduction with the stylish blue bottle. Maybe this should not be the selection guide but once you have opened the bottle you will congratulate yourself on your skilful selection techniques. It is a fresh, fruity, and well-balanced easy drinking wine.

Overall Rating: 4.2

  • Easy Drinking
  • Well Balanced
  • Smooth
  • Lovely Minerality
  • Great Price
  • Slightly Too Sweet

Tasting Notes

The SeaGlass Riesling derives its name from the wave tumbled treasures of glass sometimes which from time to time are offered up to the sharp eyed beach walker. Riesling has that enviable ability to retain its distinctive taste while embracing the malleable embrace of the local environment. Here the sea cools the nights and stretches the growing season to encourage a more concentrated flavour to the grape.


There are not many blue wine bottles around and this makes SeaGlass Riesling stand out from the crowd. It does however serve to underline the connection and influence of the sea on the wine. In the glass the wine has a lovely lively sparkle with a buttery hue. The colour reflects the distinctive fruit ladened wine.


Strong floral notes of white flowers and followed by the aroma of tropical fruit and melon. Also look for nuances of honey-comb and jasmine. Some will find a characteristic hint of petrol or kerosene that emanates from the TDN compound found in many varieties of grapes but more especially in Riesling. The level of TDN seems to rise because of the combination of long exposure to sunshine accompanied by water stress.


Here we are looking for ripe apricots and tropical fruit, melons, and sweet peaches. But this is not a sweet wine. Careful processing to avoid any oxidising allows the grapes to highlight their natural flavour and the balanced acidity ensures a fresh and lingering after taste in an off dry style.


There is a wonderful balancing act between the rich fruitiness and the controlled and particularly well behaved acidity level. This provides for a superlative and lingering after taste very much in the off dry category.


It would be understandable that for many the introduction to SeaGlass Riesling wine would have been initiated through the colour of the bottle. But having seen the beautiful blue hue I’m left wondering why more Rieslings don’t find a home in similar coloured bottles rather than the more familiar rather dull brown bottles. Having taken the leap of faith, the display of bravery is well rewarded by a wine that is true to the traditional Riesling taste and yet also manages to embrace the world of delicate flowers and rich tropical fruits.

SeaGlass Riesling Food Pairing

Many of the reviews provide a wide selection of inviting food pairing for this wine. The range of pairings is wide and includes spicy Asian dishes but also cheeses with body like blue cheese. The freshness of this wine makes it an elegant companion to smoked salmon and a variety of shellfish particularly lobster served in a fresh garden salad. Try this wine with its well behaved acidity together with cured meats and pork or grilled chicken. Pan fried mushrooms or a sage infused lasagne are great with this wine and maybe just a portion of buttery mashed potatoes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Makes SeaGlass Riesling?

The SeaGlass Winery make the SeaGlass Riesling together with a range of four other wines. The Winery is owned by the Trinchero Family Estates. The founder, Mario Trinchero together with his brother John moved to the Napa Valley some seventy years ago and purchased the Sutter Home Winery. Their first harvest was in nineteen forty eight and their, now famous, White Zinfandel wine was released in nineteen seventy five.

How Is SeaGlass Riesling Made?

The ingredients for this wine are sourced from the Santa Barbara and Monterey counties. Every effort is made to limit the exposure to oxygen thereby ensuring that the grapes retain their full fruity flavour. The grapes are cold fermented in stainless steel tanks. The wine is bottled early and the Stelcap ensures that the Riesling maintains it fresh qualities.

Where Is SeaGlass Riesling Made?

The SeaGlass Riesling is made at the SeaGlass Vineyard in the Santa Barbara County and the San Ynez Valley. The unusual topography allows for the cooling winds off the Pacific Ocean to have a significant influence over the microclimates of the area. The ‘Home Vineyard’, Los Alamos, is only twenty miles from the sea.

How to Serve SeaGlass Riesling?

SeaGlass Riesling needs to be chilled to around the lower forty degree Fahrenheit range. Remember that the normal temperature of a domestic fridge is around 38 degrees Fahrenheit so if you have stored the wine in the fridge for any time remember to remove it from the fridge a little while before serving. The wine should be served in taller tulip shaped glasses.

How Much Does SeaGlass Riesling Cost?

The SeaGlass Riesling price fluctuates around the ten dollar mark for a seven hundred and fifty ml bottle.

How Long Does SeaGlass Riesling Last?

Riesling has a surprising super long longevity. This is especially true for the sweeter Rieslings, but the aging potential of the wine is dependent upon the naturally low pH levels and resultant acidity of the wine. SeaGlass Riesling achieved its best rating for its two thousand and thirteen vintage, while the two thousand and eighteen vintage was among the top eight percent of all wines in the world. Although the SeaGlass Riesling may well enjoy some resting it is essentially a wine to drink while still young and fresh.

How Many Calories Does SeaGlass Riesling Have?

SeaGlass Riesling calories count up to one hundred and eighteen calories and six grams of carbohydrates in a five oz serving. SeaGlass Riesling alcohol content is 12,8 %.


The SeaGlass Riesling provides a unique introduction with the stylish blue bottle. Maybe this should not be the selection guide but once you have opened the bottle you will congratulate yourself on your skilful selection techniques. It is a fresh, fruity, and well-balanced easy drinking wine.

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