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What Kind of Wine Is Frontera Malbec?

This Frontera Malbec wine review is about a wine produced by Concha y Toro. At first, it was just a Chilean winery, but it now makes wines in Argentina. They have ensured that the Malbec wine stays at the top of our list by creating an unforgettable Malbec. This is a red wine that should be enjoyed now and would be welcome on any occasion- big or small. It is an unpretentious wine that will lure even the fussiest wine snob into its lair.

Frontera Malbec is a fruit-forward wine. This Malbec, made in Argentina is successful due to its versatility, delicious taste, and fantastic value. Even people who are knowledgeable about wine, have very few quibbles with this red wine. It may not be as bold as some of the other Argentinian reds, but at the price, you have to agree that this is a perfectly decent, drinkable wine.

Frontera Malbec Review

  • Winery — Concha Y Toro
  • Country/Region — Central Valley, Chile
  • Type — Chilean Red
  • Aroma — Black Cherry, Smoke, Coffee
  • Grapes — Malbec
  • Taste — Plums, Ripe Fruits, Spices
  • Alcohol Content — 12.5%
  • Sugar — Dry
  • Pairing — Red Meat Dishes, Pasta

Frontera malbec is easy to drink, with smooth texture and gentle tannins. The levels of fruit are delicious on the palate and the taste is clean. Although this is an award-winning Chilean wine, it does not have the very bold flavors of some Malbec’s. However, it is still a very good wine. Straightforward, consistent in flavor, and well-priced, this Frontera Malbec will not linger for long on the shelves!

Overall Rating: 3.8

  • Delicious
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Easy Food Pairing
  • Does Not Deliver Big
  • Slightly Too Bold Flavors

Tasting Notes

Frontera Malbec is a fruity red wine that has enough bold flavors to make it memorable after the first sip. It is smooth on the palate, with just enough soft tannins to make it interesting. After the ripe fruits, you will discover deep smoky flavors, as well as the oakiness that defines the winemaking process of Malbec wines. Frontera Malbec reviews indicate this red wine is popular because of many factors. The traditional Malbec flavors are full and wholesome, the wine is easy to drink and suitable for any occasion, and finally, it is very well-priced. There are three good reasons to give Frontera Malbec a go!


In the glass, Frontera Malbec exhibits the most delightful plummy purple color that is deep and alluring. It is opaque and where the light comes through, you can almost see the ripe red fruits beckoning for you to take a sip.


Once uncorked, a bouquet of black cherry and stewed, plummy fruits emerges. This is followed by distinctly earthy hints of smoke, licorice, and coffee. If you decant the wine at this stage, you will experience the full impact of these delicious aromas. Breathe deeply in anticipation of that first sip.


Nobody would call this a complex wine. But then, nobody would complain about the taste despite that fact! With a mouth-filling palate of dark fruits like ripe black cherry and crimson plums, you will be too busy enjoying the flavor to ponder the depth of complexity. These fruity flavors are stylishly enfolded in traces of subtle velvety spices and tannins. If you can’t quite put your finger on the right words then “jammy” will sum it up for you.


The Frontera Malbec ends with a very respectable length. Features of berries, a dusty earthiness, leather, and oak will leave you wanting more. In fact, this deep red wine with its coffee and vanilla flavors will definitely leave you wanting much more.


I speak for myself and my wine-loving friends when I say that this is a “moreish” wine. What it lacks in the “exceptional” department, it makes up for in being jolly good! Well-priced, deliciously rich, and fruity, it delivers much more than its humble price tag indicates. It is a wine that can be enjoyed every day of the week! Frontera Malbec price is considered a “steal” by many who expect to pay a lot more for a wine of this quality.

Frontera Malbec Food Pairing

Besides being great for enjoying by the glass solo or with a company, Frontera Malbec shouts out to be paired with enormous amounts of red meat. Think of Argentinian steaks, ribs, and practically anything that comes off the grill. It won’t overwhelm poultry and I have known friends to enjoy it with haggis on Burn’s night! Just do not run out of this great wine whatever you do. Rich hearty stews, roasts, or Italian pasta dishes will find that the Frontera Malbec complements them perfectly! Even friends who are normally picky about red wine will be asking for more. I think it would even be considered a partner with a hearty nut roast, but I can’t vouch for that!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Makes Frontera Malbec?

Besides being wonderful winemakers, I was impressed to see that Concha y Toro is a company that is committed to innovation, sustainability, and love of the land. The makers of Frontera Malbec are one of the largest producers of wine in South America, with enormous vineyards spread right the way through Chile.

Don Melchor de Santiago Concha y Toro and his wife Emiliana Subercaseaux took vines from Bordeaux in 1883 to South America. There they found a heaven on earth for making wine. They founded Viña Concha y Toro in the Maipo Valley. It became their home, and their house is still known as Casona de Pirque. As their wines grew in fame investors registered their interest and this small winery was propelled to giddy heights. Today Concha y Toro is recognized as a leader in quality Chilean winemaking. Jorge Miranda and Marcelo Gangas are the Frontera winemakers that ensure the consistently high quality of Frontera Malbec amongst other wines.

How Is Frontera Malbec Made?

The Malbec grapes are hand-picked before the heat of the day arrives. The grapes are loaded into small cases to ensure the quality of the grape bunches. Stringent quality checks are performed at every step and only the best grapes are selected and taken to the winery. There, the best grapes are selected and separated from the rest. The fermentation tanks are ready to receive the grapes through special tubes.

These tanks can be made from different materials such as concrete, oak, or stainless steel. The typical floral and fruity profile of the Argentine Malbec comes about as a result of cold maceration before fermentation starts. Pump-overs extract components from the skins, and the de-vatting stage starts. The seeds and skin are separated from the liquid and taken away to be squeezed and every drop of liquid is extracted.

Care is taken not to crush the seeds as that bitter taste is not one of the ingredients that are wanted in the Malbec wine! The wine is placed in American or French oak barrels where Malbec is perfectly happy to develop its best flavors while improving roundness and complexity. Frontera Malbec may only spend about 6 months in oak but that is enough to give it the bold flavors that are enjoyed at such a good price.

Where Is Frontera Malbec Made?

Chile is the new frontier in wine-making circles and Concha Y Toro is perfectly placed to introduce you to their Frontera Malbec. This wine has its birthplace in the stunningly beautiful Central Valley of Chile. Calling this a winemaker’s paradise is not an exaggeration. The vineyards are cradled by the magnificent Andes Mountains, the serene Pacific Ocean, the immeasurable Atacama Desert, and the glorious glaciers of Patagonia. In terms of minerals in the soils, heat for ripening the grapes, and cool winds to keep them fresh, you could not find a more perfect place for growing grapes.

How to Serve Frontera Malbec?

Serve your Frontera Malbec at 59-68 degrees F (20 degrees Celsius) for optimum flavor. I like to serve medium-bodied red wine, like Frontera Malbec in a red wine glass that tapers slightly towards the rim. This enhances the aromas and allows them to be channeled up towards the nose.

How Much Does Frontera Malbec Cost?

This delicious yet affordable red wine comes in at unbelievably reasonable prices. You could pay anywhere between $10 and $20 depending on the supplier. This gives you great value for money on a widely available, good quality wine.

How Long Does Frontera Malbec Last?

Although it is possible to lay the Frontera Malbec down for storage, it is not advisable. This is a wine to be enjoyed for today. As long as they have the cork replaced, these bottles will last for 3-5 days without spoiling. Always keep Frontera Malbec in a cool, dark place. If you decide to lie a few bottles down, make sure that you keep them in a cool, dark place. Check the corks periodically and don’t leave them alone for more than a couple of years. How Many Calories Does Frontera Malbec Have? – Mention the carb content too, please.

How Many Calories Does Frontera Malbec Have?

A standard 5 oz. (147 ml) glass of this Malbec has a low-calorie density. Frontera Malbec calories come in at 125 calories per serving. There are 4g of carbs in such a serving, which should not terrify even the closest calorie counter!


In my review, I have to mention that this is a great party wine! It is easy to drink, with smooth texture and gentle tannins. The levels of fruit are delicious on the palate and the taste is clean. Although this is an award-winning Chilean wine, it does not have the very bold flavors of some Malbec’s. However, it is still a very good wine. Straightforward, consistent in flavor, and well-priced, this Frontera Malbec will not linger for long on the shelves! Please note that Frontera Argentinian Malbec is often confused with the Chilean Malbec. This type of grape variety is widely grown in South America.

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