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What Kind of Wine Is Bogle Pinot Noir?

The Bogle Pinot Noir is a globally popular classic among dry red wines. The wine itself is a fruity, light mix that is easy to drink for all types of wine lovers. It has higher acidity when compared to other wines but it contains lower levels of tannins. This is the key differentiator that gives the wine a smoothness when it hits the tongue. The Wine with its versatile taste can be perfectly combined with a variety of food and is suitable for any occasion.

Bogle Pinot Noir Review

  • Winery — Bogle Winery
  • Country/Region — United States, California
  • Type — Californian Pinot Noir
  • Aroma — Fresh, Fruity, Rose, Spice, And Herb
  • Grapes — Pinot Noir
  • Taste — Tart, Fruit Punch, Toffee, Toasted Nuts, And Spices
  • Alcohol Content — 13.5%
  • Sugar — Dry
  • Pairing — Beef, Poultry, Seafood, Or Game Birds

The Bogle Pinot Noir wine has too many features and yet it balances them perfectly. It has a lot of varied ingredients but they go well together. The aroma is also a marvel with all the spices, fruits, and flowers. Finding an elegant wine that is also easy on the pocket isn’t common. It is a unique wine that first-time wine drinkers and those with refined taste buds both seem to enjoy.

Overall Rating: 4.1

  • Fruity
  • Sophisticated
  • Affordable
  • Well Balanced
  • Low Alcohol Content
  • Light
  • Versatile
  • Tannic Aftertaste
  • A Bit Too Sweet

Tasting Notes

The elegant Bogle Pinot Noir is a light, dry, and acidic red wine. It is enriched with the qualities of its fruity, spicy, and herbal ingredients that make the dry wine popular in its league. The wine has a floral aromatic texture with hints of violets, rose petals, and wild strawberries. A good bottle can be easily judged from the aroma, texture, and freshness of the wine.

The complex flavor is due to ingredients like strawberry, cherry, chocolate, mushroom, and even forest floor. With the addition of the notes of vanilla spice and tobacco, the palate achieves a sophisticated flourish that is difficult to balance. It has an alcohol content of 13-14%. The tannins create a fuller feeling in your mouth and are also the reason for the dry texture as you finish.


The simply designed bottle matches the classic taste of the wine perfectly. While the ruby red wine sits inside. Some Pinot Noir are pale while some are dark. This highly depends on the grapes and how the color is extracted from them.


As you open the bottle, the aromas of ripe cherries and strawberries in summer will hit you. This fruity scent is followed by those of violets, carnations, and red roses. The wine also contains hints of bay leaves, dried thyme, freshly ground pepper, and vanilla spice but these are rather subtle. All this combined with the oaky texture of the barrels, the wine is fermented in, gives the wine an aroma like that of a fruit punch. Overall, the Bogle Pinot Noir aroma is a mix of fresh, sweet. and smoky.


Tasting this wine is as much an experience as smelling it. First, you taste the juicy tartness of the fruits. Then the full flavor of toffee and toasted nuts hits you. The wine is structured well with spices like cinnamon and clove that are included to make the wine spicy. It is a rich yet light flavor that reminds you of summer.


After the complex tasting sensation, the Pinot Noir is rounded off with earthy textures like oak, pipe tobacco, and work leather. The dry refined finish is a perfect end to the silky bright flavor.


There are not many red wines that can identify themselves as a classic but the Bogle Pinot Noir rightfully deserves it. Its layered fruity textures have become a favorite of wine drinkers all over the world. It is not only a sweet wine but rather a complex one with its smoky and spicy flavors.

It can be paired with most types of food items and isn’t heavy on calories either. If you trying it for the first time you surely won’t be disappointed. The structure of the wine allows it to be versatile in its taste as well, preferred by a variety of people. Everyone can imagine themselves enjoying a glass of Bogle Pinot Noir paired with a red sauce pasta on a summer evening. If you are looking for nuance, freshness, and affordability then your search ends here.

Bogle Pinot Noir Food Pairing

The Bogle Pinot Noir is famous for its versatility that can easily be paired with any type of food be it roasted meat, game birds, seafood, or poultry. It is best enjoyed with Sauteed Mushrooms or Swiss Chard Ravioli. Pair it with a cheese platter of brie, goat cheese, gruyere, and taleggio. Or cold meats like ham and charcuterie. Its light yet complex texture ensures you can never go wrong when pairing it with anything. Even simple dishes like lasagna, pasta, or casserole can be upgraded with the bright red Bogle Pinot Noir.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Makes Bogle Pinot Noir?

The Bogle family has been involved in winemaking for over half a century across six generations. The wine is an amalgamation of all their learnings, experience, hard work, and expertise. The family has been farming in California since 1850, but it all took shape in 1968, with 4th and 5th generation Warren Vernon Bogle and his son Chris.

They started planting wine grapes on their 20 acres home ranch in Clarksburg. They grew grapes and distributed them to other wineries for almost a decade. Then in 1978 they finally started to produce their wine under the Bogle label becoming one of the pioneers in Clarksburg winemaking. Today the Bogle Winery farms have spread across 1,200 acres. But the original winery remains.

How Is Bogle Pinot Noir Made?

The process of winemaking starts with harvesting the key ingredient – grapes. Grapes are selected with utmost precision for the harvest. Once selected the pinot noir grape is harvested. This is done at night or in the early hours of the morning to help retain their freshness. Later on, the harvest is cleansed and left to chill. This step is necessary to bring out the color of the grapes and ensure smooth tannins.

The cleansing will also remove the stems, skin, and seeds which may otherwise affect the taste of the wine. With the preparation done the fermentation begins. This is done in unique French oak barrels and results in the wine tasting fuller. The fermentation is helped by pressing down the Pinot Noir in the oak barrels. Then the wine is allowed to age for a period of 10 to 12 months. Then it is ready to be bottled and enjoyed with a favorite food pairing.

Where Is Bogle Pinot Noir Made?

The most crucial element of the process is to grow the grapes right. The pinot noir grape season is about 100 days. It needs a dry and cool climate to grow with chalky textured soil that drains well. These grapes need extra care because they have thin skins and are vulnerable to diseases and fungus.

The grapes used to make the Bogle Pinot Noir come from their vineyards located in Clarksburg, California. The climate in the region can get hot during the daytime but it gets cool around night. The climate forms a crucial part in growing Pinot Noir as the flavors are very light. The aroma will also not come out right if the grapes are grown in a hot climate. The environmental specificity of Pinot Noir variety has been commonly associated with the term terroir, which talks about how a glass of wine is the result of its environment.

How to Serve Bogle Pinot Noir?

The Bogle Pinot Noir is best served slightly chilled, at a temperature of 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit (10 to 15 degrees Celsius). The aromatic experience of a Pinot Noir needs the right glass. Glasses used should be large and bell-shaped, with a wide bowl and a narrow top. The wine can be served straight out of the bottle with no need to decant it. Once you have the right glass and the bottle ready pour the wine to fill a half or a third of the glass. Now the aroma can be enjoyed properly and the wine as well. What Is the Proper Way to Drink A Bogle Pinot Noir?

Once the wine is served, you hold it by the stem and swirl it two to three times. Then bring the glass to your nose and sniff the aroma of the wine. Smelling the wine, a couple of times before tasting it only enhances its taste. When you are ready to taste the wine take a small sip at first. Take your time and try to enjoy the unique flavors of the mix. Drinking a wine begins before you drink it! So, don’t rush but rather go through the process at a slow pace. This way you can get the whole experience of drinking a Bogle Pinot Noir.

How Much Does Bogle Pinot Noir Cost?

A bottle of wine can be cheap or expensive based on lots of factors like the grape, aging, and its processing. However, it is best to consider what you like and then check the description before you buy. A classic 750ml Bogle Pinot Noir price range will be $10 – $15.

How Long Does Bogle Pinot Noir Last?

Once opened the Bogle Pinot Noir will start to lose its taste and become flat. It will also lose its aroma so make sure to consume it within a day. However, you can store it in the refrigerator after opening it. Remember that storing it won’t increase its 24-hour life. It should only be allowed to breathe for 20 to 30 minutes. The duration of storing a Bogle Pinot Noir will highly depend on the quality of the grape. This means you can either store it for 3 to 5 years or 8 to 10 years.

How Many Calories Does Bogle Pinot Noir Have?

A single 750ml bottle of the Bogle Pinot Noir has 611 calories. Which equals 125 calories per serving, making it a low-calorie dense option among other red wines. This will include 0% fat, 0% protein and 6% carbs. While the Bogle Pinot Noir alcohol content is 13 to 14 %.


The Bogle Pinot Noir wine has too many features and yet it balances them perfectly. It has a lot of varied ingredients but they go well together. The aroma is also a marvel with all the spices, fruits, and flowers. Finding an elegant wine that is also easy on the pocket isn’t common. Even the Bogle Pinot Noir reviews boast about its versatility with all kinds of pairings.

It is a unique wine that first-time wine drinkers and those with refined taste buds both seem to enjoy. This is probably why it is the most favorite red wine across the globe. It is also great for health-conscious wine drinkers as Bogle Pinot Noir calories are on the lower side. If you are not yet convinced then grab a bottle and try the Bogle Pinot Noir to see it yourself!

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