Charles Smith Boom Boom! Syrah Review (2023)

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What Kind of Wine Is Boom Boom! Syrah?

There is always something about the guy who takes a look at things and then decides that there is another way. It distresses the conservatives who look on in hopeful anticipation of failure. And then someone comes along like Charles Smith who goes from underdog to someone to be followed in a frighteningly short time. Boom Boom! Syrah is one of the wines that has made this self-taught winemaker, the legendary winner of multiple awards.

Well, what makes Boom Boom! Syrah so different? Firstly, the name, a reminiscent tribute to the nickname of his first love. This wine is big and bold. Charles Smith set out to produce wines that would appeal on the basis of almost immediate drink-ability. Wines that could be savored and enjoyed still young.

The wine is almost totally Syrah with a smattering of Viognier, Grenache, and Malbec in the different vintages. The grapes are from the Columbia Valley and the wine is a tribute to the long summer sunshine that produces rich and flavourful wine. The introduction is one of dark and deep red fruits that allow the spiciness to weave its way in and provide a lingering finish.

Charles Smith Boom Boom! Syrah Review

  • Winery — Charles Smith Winery
  • Country/Region — United States, Washington
  • Type — Washington State Syrah
  • Aroma — Rich Dark Fruits Cherries And Spice With A Touch Of Herbs
  • Grapes — Syrah
  • Taste — Blackberry, Vanilla, Pepper, Plum, Cherry
  • Alcohol Content — 13.5%
  • Sugar — Dry
  • Pairing — Rare Roast Beef, Strong Cheeses, Braised Lamb

If you like an uncomplicated down-to-earth fruity Syrah, then Boom Boom! Syrah will not disappoint. It is a wine for spontaneous parties, easy drinking, and a great companion to rich meaty dishes. Drink it young and enjoy the flamboyant fruitiness and lovely spicy finish.

Overall Rating: 4.0

  • Easy Drinking
  • Uncomplicated
  • Balanced Finish
  • Fruity Sweetness
  • Slightly Lacking Smokiness and Earthy Flavors

Tasting Notes

On the palate, the wine is smooth even straight after opening the bottle. The fruit is noticeably sweet with ripe cherries dominating followed by rich plum and the softness of gingerbread and violets. Wines of Charles Smith are described as ‘The Modernist Project’ which aims at producing wines designed to be consumed when young. But the quality improves rapidly and after about an hour, fine tannins and a minerality develop together with the introduction of lavender and a hint of tarragon. The difference in taste makes the wait well worthwhile and is highly recommended.


The wine is clear and a dark ruby color. Deep and substantial and Boom Boom! Syrah Reviews refer to it as ‘an explosive dark cherry bomb.’ The dark and substantially thick skins of the Syrah are able to produce a color rich with secrets of fruits and herbs.


With the vibrancy of the fruit, one would expect a bold introduction, but it is surprisingly modest with subtle undertones of allspice and dark fruits. There is a lovely duet with delicate nuances of walnuts and dried herbs.


There is a wonderful synchronicity between the rich and dark fruits and the smoky almost peppery and licorice undertones. In the vintages where Viognier has been introduced, there lurks an element of delicate floral charm. The rich fruits of blackberry, cherries, and plums extend a welcoming hand to the tannins that gracefully lurk in the wings waiting to be beckoned onto center stage as the grand finale.


The finish is spicy. The well-behaved tannins in the young, wine despite their firmness, are never overpowering. They blend with the generous mineral notes to foster a finish of notable length and dryness.


Boom Boom! Syrah wine is the classic example of an adventurous and brave winemaker going out on a limb to make a wine that is unashamedly bold and true to the variety of grape. This Syrah doesn’t hold back, and the rich dark color introduces the wonderful dark fruits, almost meaty flavors, that fill the mouth and wait for the tannins to gently swirl them away with a lengthy finish.

Boom Boom! Syrah Food Pairing

Boom Boom! Syrah needs to find a partnership with robust meaty dishes although before venturing any further, try it with a good strong cheddar cheese as a little snack sitting by the fire. But for meals, this Syrah needs beef, strong and juicy and charred on the outside, rare in the middle. Perhaps some spicy braised lamb would be a more than eloquent replacement or even some succulent pork chops with a good well-developed mustard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Makes Boom Boom! Syrah?

Until 1996 the wine was made and bottled by Charles Smith. However, in that year he sold the winery to Constellation Brands for one hundred and twenty million dollars which averaged over twenty million for each of the five wines made by Charles Smith at that time.

Smith started his wine-making career in 2001 with a quarter-million-dollar loan from a local Walla Walla bank. Allowing the bank staff to taste the wines apparently sealed the deal! After the sale, Smith stayed on as the consulting winemaker which is quite extraordinary for a self-taught winemaker. It is no doubt a reflection of the iconic personality of Smith and the wine he produces. The fact that he has won several wine awards bears testimony not only to his exceptional skill but also just reward for venturing into uncharted waters.

How Is Boom Boom! Syrah Made?

Boom Boom! Syrah is ninety-seven percent Syrah and three percent Viognier. Although the blending combination does change from year to year and some vintages may also contain Merlot or Grenache, but these are always in very small quantities. Less than three percent. The wine is sourced from various vineyards in the Columbia Valley and the Syrah is co-fermented with the Viognier in oak barrels. The wine is allowed to ferment in the barrels on the lees after it has spent twenty-five days on the skins.

Where Is Boom Boom! Syrah Made?

The production of Boom Boom! Syrah is spread out throughout the Columbia Valley while the focus point is the winery in Walla Walla. The expansion has been rapid and impressive from producing 330 cases in 2001 to the 6000 plus cases today, the Smith name is featured as one of the top four winemakers in Washington.

How to Serve Boom Boom! Syrah?

Boom Boom! Syrah needs to be served just off room temperature so fifteen minutes or so in the refrigerator will drop the temperature just enough to awaken all the flavors in the wine. Aim for a temperature in the lower sixties (F). This Syrah is going to benefit substantially from a little airing prior to serving so give it an hour or so to catch its breath and glasses with a wider opening will assist in smoothing out the tannins.

How Much Does Boom Boom! Syrah Cost?

Normally the Boom Boom! Syrah price elicits genuine surprise as it boxes way above its weight. You can expect to pay in the region from 11 to 20 dollars a bottle depending on your bargain-hunting skills.

How Long Does Boom Boom! Syrah Last?

This wine is made with the thought of drinking it young most prominent in the winemaker’s mind. It achieves its popularity because of the roundness and drink-ability without the need for it to be laid down for any appreciable period. A lovely easy-going drinking wine that could last a year or two.

How Many Calories Does Boom Boom! Syrah Have?

Boom Boom! Syrah calories count is approximately 120 and around four grams of carbohydrates in a five fluid ounce serving.


If you like an uncomplicated down-to-earth fruity Syrah, then Boom Boom! Syrah will not disappoint. It is a wine for spontaneous parties, easy drinking, and a great companion to rich meaty dishes. Drink it young and enjoy the flamboyant fruitiness and lovely spicy finish.

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