Ergo Rioja Review – Martin Codax Tempranillo (2023)

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What Kind of Wine Is Ergo Rioja?

Rioja is a famous Spanish wine, and this Ergo Rojo wine is a fine example of this classic winemaking style. Ergo Rojo is a modern take on what the Spanish winemakers have been achieving for centuries. Having the perfect growing conditions for growing Monastrell grapes (also known as Mourvèdre) is a great advantage. Albacete and Jumilla, in the southeast of Spain, have the long, hot summers that are needed to produce the premium grapes needed for Ergo Rojo wine. The grapes are mixed with Syrah and Tempranillo to create this delicious blend of rich red wine.

As you would expect from a Spanish red, Ergo Rojo makes a grand entrance with vivacious aromas of juicy berries. A layer of sophistication is added by the flavors of plum and ripe, dark cherries, and a hint of spice. Smooth tannins, traces of earthy forest floor, and leather blend with creamy vanilla and toasted oak make for an alluring, lengthy finish.

Martin Codax Ergo Tempranillo Rioja Review

  • Winery — Martín Códax
  • Country/Region — Northern Spain
  • Type — Spanish Rioja
  • Aroma — Red Fruits, Oak, Tobacco
  • Grapes — Tempranillo
  • Taste — Plum, Blackberry, Cherry, Vanilla
  • Alcohol Content — 13.5%
  • Sugar — Dry
  • Pairing — Spicy Meat, Strong Cheese, Hearty Stews, Seafood

Ergo Rioja reviews are exceptionally good for such an affordable, everyday drinking wine. It is easy to serve and matches with a wide variety of food. At such a reasonable price, I would recommend having a taster, and then another, and another! If you enjoy a Rioja with lots of full, ripe fruit flavors and hints of oak, vanilla, and a subtle smokiness, then Martin Códax Ergo Rioja is the right red wine for you.

Overall Rating: 4.1

  • Rich and Plummy
  • Smooth Tannins
  • Very Affordable
  • Nice Long Finish
  • Slightly Lacking Complexity

Tasting Notes

What a pleasure it has been to sample and then write my Ergo Rojo review. This bright, uplifting red wine will transport you to Spain, or bring back happy memories of happy holidays in the sun. The fruit flavors are bold and modern, unashamedly standing up against hearty, rich dishes. You would expect such a delicious wine to be expensive, but the Ergo Rojo price is also a pleasant surprise. Let’s take a look at what you can expect when you pop the cork on this one!


As you would expect from a red blend of this type, it has an enchanting and vibrant appearance. The ruby color is intense and with purple hints. The color deepens as it fills the glass.


There is something a little debauched about the richness of this wine’s aromas. Besides the fullness of the fruitiness, a mouth-watering bouquet of floral scents weave through and create freshness. This is closely followed by notes of cedar and oak.


Although it is considered a medium-bodied wine, it has enough complexity to satisfy the most demanding of palates. With elegance and confidence, it embraces the palate and lavishes the delicious fruity flavors of cherries, raspberries, raisins, and coconut, with just a suggestion of toasted oak for good measure.


The mild tannins provide a long and smooth finish. The fruit flavors combined with leather and vanilla from the oak barrel aging.


I found little, if anything to complain about with Martín Códax Ergo Rioja wine. It is certainly a “moreish” wine in my opinion. It is bold and full of hearty warmth and good vibes. You will not be disappointed with the deep, full fruit flavors of berries and plum, nicely finished off with a hint of vanilla. You will detect the perfect amount of earthiness and smoky leather on the satisfying finish. It is complex enough to be good, without being pretentious. I think it could become your new best friend!

Ergo Rioja Food Pairing

Ergo Rioja is a flexible, friendly wine that can be sipped in front of the fire, imbibed under a shady tree at a picnic, or paired with a range of tasty dishes. Try it with sliced meats like Jamon Serrano and hearty cheeses. Spanish cheese like Manchego, olives, and a sweet fig chutney will taste a treat when accompanied by a sip of this soft Ergo Rioja. It is perfect with hearty stews like Rabo de Toro, an oxtail stew that is one of Madrid’s iconic dishes, or a large grilled Argentinian steak. Now that I have started to think about it, I realize that this red wine goes with so many delicious meals: seafood, spicy venison sausages, and any Mediterranean-style bean in tomato sauce dishes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Makes Ergo Rioja?

Martín Códax was formed in 1986 and it is a co-operative of grape growers in northwest Spain. This co-op derives its name from a 13th-century troubadour. One of the founders, Luciano Amoedo, has been an influential winemaker in the region and was involved in the establishment of the Denominación de Origen designation for Rías Baixas. With a commitment to supporting the people and the culture of the land, this co-operative has gone from strength to strength.

How Is Ergo Rioja Made?

Upon reaching the perfect level of maturity -when the sugar content is at its highest and acidity is low, the harvest begins. Next, the grapes are squashed, while carefully preserving the seeds and stems. For red wine like Ergo Rioja, the stems are removed to avoid excess tannin in the juice. After the crushing and de-stemming have occurred, the grape “paste” is placed in fermentation vats. At the right time, the must is removed and ingredients such as sulfur dioxide and artificial yeasts are added.

The sulfur dioxide is added to halt the growth of damaging bacteria, and the yeasts kick-start the alcoholic fermentation. That is when the grape sugar changes to ethyl alcohol. Following the addition of those ingredients, the second fermentation begins. This is the malolactic fermentation when the malic acid in the juice changes into lactic acid and carbon dioxide. After a few days, the wine is separated from the “pomace” (solid residues) and placed into casks. The casks are kept in thermostatically controlled rooms where the malolactic fermentation continues, giving the wine a smoother, and more affable character.

Further refinements take place that is all part of the winemaker’s magic, the wine is either bottled or placed in barrels for further aging. In La Rioja, the calados, or wine cellars are dark and quiet. The bottles are hermetically sealed with natural corks, and of course, the cork taste must never transfer to the wine! Carefully stored horizontally on racks, the bottles rest at a temperature of between 12 and 20º). The rest period depends on whether this wine is for quick drinking or lengthy aging.

Where Is Ergo Rioja Made?

With its heart and soul firmly based in the terroir of Spain, Ergo Rojo is the epitome of the Spanish winemaking craft. The grapes grow in the arid vineyards of Albacete and Jumilla in south-eastern Spain where the heat and dry climate forces the grapes to produce hearty, deep-flavored juice.

How to Serve Ergo Rioja?

The temperature that this wine loves the best is 14°-17°C (57°-63°F). That is similar to the “calados” where they were nurtured and brought to maturity. Bearing in mind that Spain is a hot country, these wines do not want to be warmed before being consumed as they will lose much of their fresh bouquet.

You may have noticed that many Mediterranean people drink their red wine out of tumblers rather than a fancy stemmed glass. The reason for this is that the aromas of the red wine are best inhaled from a wide-mouthed glass. It’s even better if the sides of the glass taper inwards slightly, forcing the nose to rise. For special occasions, serve this wine in a red wine glass with a large bowl to maximize the bouquet and flavors.

How Much Does Ergo Rioja Cost?

The Ergo Rioja price is surprisingly low for the quality of this full bottle of flavor you will be buying! Expect to pay between $9 and $15 for a 750 ml bottle of Ergo Rioja. This good quality wine has a fair price tag, and that makes it affordable for everyday drinking.

How Long Does Ergo Rioja Last?

The Ergo Rioja is considered a young wine and should ideally be consumed within two years of the vintage. This contemporary, juicy red wine is typical of wines that are full of flavor but have spent very little time in oak barrels. Thus, a vibrant, fruity wine emerged upon opening. If you want to hold a few bottles in storage, make sure that they are well sealed. Keep them in a cool, dark place, but don’t forget about them. They may not necessarily improve with age!

How Many Calories Does Ergo Rioja Have?

For those who are counting calories, Ergo Rioja calories are typically low, as is the case with many red wines. In 187.5 ml of Rioja (that is equivalent to about a quarter of a bottle), there are 158 calories (5g of carbs).


Ergo Rioja reviews are exceptionally good for such an affordable, everyday drinking wine. It is easy to serve and matches with a wide variety of food. At such a reasonable price, I would recommend having a taster, and then another, and another! If you enjoy a Rioja with lots of full, ripe fruit flavors and hints of oak, vanilla, and a subtle smokiness, then Martin Códax Ergo Rioja is the right red wine for you.

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