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What Kind of Wine Is Troublemaker Red Blend?

The Troublemaker Red Blend wine is a classic example of, what is commonly known as the GSM blends. Syrah (54%), sometimes also called Shiraz, is the foundation flavor and provides a richness and fruit-filled greeting. Grenache, (14%) with a lower tannin and acid content, is a perfect partner to balance the higher tannins of Mourvèdre (10%) and Syrah. In addition to the traditional trio, is a hint of Zinfandel (7%) and Petite Syrah (15%).

Winemaker Austin Hope has blended a wine highlighting the distinct characteristics of the Paso Robles area. The rich, dark color suggests dark, ripe fruits that bring a complexity rarely found in so young a wine. The fruity introduction is followed by a creamy palate suggesting hints of fresh herbs together with ripe blackberries. Troublemaker Red Blend reviews highlight the top quality of the wine. This is supported by the numerous awards bestowed on it, including a Gold in the 2014 Central Coast Wine Awards.

Troublemaker Red Blend Review

  • Winery — Hope Family Wines
  • Country/Region — United States, California, Paso Robles
  • Type — Californian Red Blend
  • Aroma — Dark Fruit, Spice, Herbs
  • Grapes — Syrah, Mourvèdre, Grenache, Zinfandel Petit Syrah
  • Taste — Rich Dark Plums, Cherries, Gentle Spice
  • Alcohol Content — 14.5%
  • Sugar — Dry
  • Pairing — Roast Meats, Pork Belly Spicy Ribs Full-bodied Stews, Hard Cheeses, Dark Chocolate

It takes a brave winemaker to step outside the norm and devote immense time, effort, and money to breaking the rules. For that reason, Austin Hope’s Troublemaker deserves all the acclaim that he has been given. A truly easy-drinking wine, for dinner time, with friends and family gathered around the table.

Overall Rating: 4.3

  • Exceptionally Complex
  • Full-bodied
  • Delightfully Drinkable
  • Has To Areate For A Couple Hours

Tasting Notes

The first thing that comes to mind when reviewing Troublemaker Red Blend is that it punches above its weight. It is a versatile wine that can be drunk young with a minimum of fuss, but it also has the legs to reward a year or two of bottle-time. Allowing the wine to breathe introduces a smoothness that accentuates the qualities of a truly well blended Rhone type red. It is comfortable when partnered with a variety of meat dishes, but it can also linger around for dessert where it makes a delightful companion for dark chocolate.


The wine is a deep, dark red almost purple color. Some might say it has a stronger inky quality than one would expect from a young red. The wine is clear and bright with an inviting hue. A gentle swirl reveals subtle and yet definite legs. The deep rich color is an eloquent invitation to savor the ripened fruit flavors of the blend.


Expect to be treated to a variety of aromas all happily dancing to the beat of the rich aromas of dark fruit, plums, and cherries. There is a smokiness about the nose that blends with the nuance of vanilla. Around the edges, there is the gentle spiciness of the Syrah which together with the nuance of fresh herbs whispers ‘hurry’ to the taste buds. Spend a moment to savor the deep complexity of the aromas. They are full and vibrant and will fill your senses with delightful anticipation.


Syrah, with its aromatic treasure chest of seductive spices, provides the foundation for this full-bodied wine. It lays down the invitation to the wonderfully rich black fruit flavor that makes the first impression on the palette. The use of different vintages creates a complexity of taste that provides a fanfare of tastes. Starting with smoked paprika, then mingling with cherries and dark plums, and finishing with the depth of dark chocolate.


Another exceptional quality of this wine is the strong and lingering finish. It is smooth on the palate and ends with a superb finish. The relatively high alcohol content coupled with the spiciness of the Syrah creates a satisfying and definitive ending.


We judge all wines on price and quality. Certainly, personal preference plays a part, but we delight in finding a wine where the scales are heavily tipped in favor of the quality. In short, we are pleased because we think that this wine is very good value for money. Its complexity, vibrancy, and easy pairing, make this a versatile and “friendly” wine. It is truly a wine that delights both the taste buds and the wallet.

Troublemaker Red Blend Food Pairing

This versatile red blend can enhance a wide variety of dishes. These range from grilled meats and barbecue-style fare to salads with spinach, walnuts, and raspberries. Spicy ribs or pork belly are other dishes that will excel when paired with the Troublemaker Red Blend. The tannins in the wine are well balanced by dishes like lamb shanks or hearty winter stews. Try it with a roast beef fillet in a red wine sauce. After the main course, the wine can harmonize with dark chocolate desserts, and even tastes good with a cheese platter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Makes Troublemaker Red Blend?

Troublemaker Red Blend is made by the Austin Hope Winery, situated in Paso Robles California. Austen and his family arrived in the valley over forty years ago. He studied winemaking in California and the Rhone Valley, France. That experience inspired him to create this Rhone-style blend. History has it that Austen was prone to pushing the boundaries in his youth, and this trait seems to have found a creative outlet in the Troublemaker Red Blend. The winemaker delights in challenging convention and his wines delight wine lovers around the world.

How Is Troublemaker Red Blend Made?

The grapes are sourced from a variety of vineyards in the area. The essential ingredient of the blend is the combination of the Rhone-type varietals. The grapes chosen for the Troublemaker Red blend are Syrah, Mourvèdre, Grenache, Zinfandel, and Petit Syrah. The grapes are crushed and fermented in five open-top tanks. The wine is then settled in oak barrels made out of fifteen percent new oak, locally sourced or imported from France. The blend is lightly filtered before bottling.

Where Is Troublemaker Red Blend Made?

Troublemaker Red Blend has the sunny disposition of the region of its origin, California. It is this coastal mountain range that provides the ideal climate for olives and wine. There are one hundred and seventy wineries in the area, which occupies approximately twenty-six thousand acres of vineyards. Troublemaker Red Blend is produced on the Hope family Winery. The winery was established in the late nineteen seventies and has gone from strength to strength.

How to Serve Troublemaker Red Blend?

Room temperature or a couple of degrees cooler is the best temperature to serve this red wine. Almost all red wines benefit from being allowed to breathe a little, as is the case with the Troublemaker Red Blend. It is, after all, a young wine, so some aeration will enhance the pleasure of drinking this wine.

How Much Does Troublemaker Red Blend Cost?

The Troublemaker Red Wine Blend usually costs under $ 20. So, nobody can complain about Troublemaker Red Blend price! This compares more than favorably with similar wines and one of the hallmarks of this wine is that it represents great value.

How Long Does Troublemaker Red Blend Last?

This wine could benefit from a year or two of bottle aging. The Troublemaker Red Blend alcohol content (14,5%) ensures that the wine has the strength to mature in the bottle. However, it is more of a “enjoy today and buy another tomorrow” type of wine.

How Many Calories Does Troublemaker Red Blend Have?

Troublemaker Red Blend calories count up to 125 calories per six-ounce serving. It has a carb count of around 4 grams per serving. A perfect level for most dietary restrictions.


It takes a brave winemaker to step outside the norm and devote immense time, effort, and money to breaking the rules. For that reason, Austin Hope’s Troublemaker deserves all the acclaim that he has been given. A truly easy-drinking wine, for dinner time, with friends and family gathered around the table.

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