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What Kind of Wine Is Bolla Chianti?

Chianti is the wine of Italy. Maybe incorrectly so because it relates to a region and not the country. But it is as Italian as bright sunshine on a spectacular Tuscan landscape. It is vibrant and hospitable and raises an ordinary meal into a festive occasion. Bolla Chianti wine characterizes the typical Sangiovese-based wines of central Italy.

Distant memories of straw-clad bottles have faded, but the wine has made great positive strides in recent years. This lightly colored red wine which, with age, sometimes hints at an almost burnt orange hue is made from a minimum of eighty percent Sangiovese wine. The wine is honest with a forthright introduction of red fruit such as red currants and follows with an herbaceous undertone and, at its best, a hint of balsamic and sweet tobacco.

Bolla Chianti Review

  • Winery — Bolla Family
  • Country/Region — Italy, Tuscany
  • Type — Italian Chianti
  • Aroma — Black Cherry, Blackberry, Plum
  • Grapes — Sangiovese
  • Taste — Cherries, Strawberries, Raspberries
  • Alcohol Content — 12.5%
  • Sugar — Dry
  • Pairing — Crostini, Meat Pasta, Lasagne, Roast Lamb, Grilled Cheese

Rumor has it that Frank Sinatra would only eat in restaurants that served Chianti wine. It is the wine most associated with Italy and all that comes with it. Every review will always highlight the combination of the wine with great food, fresh and simple and bursting with flavor. It is a wine for friends and meals that languidly stretch out over laughter-filled hours. It is an unpretentious solidly good friend to almost any meal.

Overall Rating: 3.9

  • Smooth
  • Great Price
  • Easy Drinking
  • Easy To Pair With Food
  • Short Finish
  • Lacks Complexity

Tasting Notes

The fermentation process using temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks allows the young wine to develop a softness in the tannins. The subsequent malolactic fermentation does a fine job of reducing the acidity while also encouraging a pleasing roundness to the wine. Is it possible to get a robust rounded wine? Well, Bolla Chianti comes awfully close to that.

The lovely fruit trio of raspberry, black cherry, and plum is tempered with the soft tannins and a gentle hint of spice. Bolla Chianti reviews all highlight the aroma of violets that greet the nose. They also mention the wonderful freshness of raspberry and the slight spiciness of black plums that delights the palate. It is a wine to savor with a range of foods, particularly tomato-based dishes along with rich pasta, roast meats, and strong cheeses.


It is difficult not to conjure up memories of straw-covered bottles on red and white checkered tablecloths with a Dean Martin song swooning in the background when seeing this wine. The reviews are almost always filled with details of the wonderful combination of earthiness and honesty that beckons with heartfelt hospitality. The color varies from a deep red to an almost burnt orange. Bright and clear the color variation in hue is the result of the wine emanating from the different appellations within the Chianti growing region.


On the nose Bolla Chianti starts off with a distinctive floral and somewhat spicy quality. There is an intensity of violets coupled with the succulent nuance of red cherries that dance upon the senses. If, and it is a big ‘if’, you can hang on to a bottle for any length of time, the aroma will deepen into traces of leather and mushrooms. Closely followed by the promise of strawberries with perhaps just a hint of a gentle oak finish.


Bolla Chianti is primarily a wine to drink when young. It is also a wine to drink with food. The robustness of the wine makes for a perfect match with an almost endless variety of dishes. This is very much a straightforward wine honest and to the point. What it lacks in complexity it makes up for in a rich fruity welcome that is followed by a lingering after taste. There is a lovely combination of fruit coupled with dryness of the tannins. It is a wonderful duo of rich fruit and subtle spices.


For such a young wine the finish is surprisingly gentle and smooth largely because of the care taken in ensuring that the young tannins are harnessed during the fermentation processes. The welcoming fruitfulness gradually gives way to a gentle spiciness and earthiness that has an admirable longevity.


Bolla Chianti encapsulates the essence of wine. It draws people together to celebrate a meal and transforms it into a celebration of food, family, and friends. It is an honest wine free of any of the complexities that would insist on some degree of formality. A wine that, with its forthright fruit and well-behaved tannins beckons to be savored. It gives a toast to all that is so attractive about the simple and wholesome culinary rainbow of Italy.

Bolla Chianti Food Pairing

Bolla Chianti is made to enhance a wide variety of foods. When young, with its relatively high acid content it makes a wonderful match for tomato pasta or pizza. Also as a casual drinking wine, it would not be out of place on a table with French fries and hamburgers. The real quality of this wine is that, with time, it can invite a multitude of other dishes to the table such as roast lamb, venison, or even wild boar. You also may want to savor a dish of wild mushrooms with pasta and a glass of Bolla Chianti.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Makes Bolla Chianti?

Bolla Chianti is one of the wines made by the Bolla Family Winery from the Tuscany region of Italy. The essential component of the wines, Sangiovese grapes, are sourced from two co-operatives in the Valdarno Superiore and Valdarno Inferiore areas. The original cellar was founded in the small town of Soave a little south of Verona. Now owned by the Gruppo Italiano Vino (GIV) the winery relocated in Valpolicella in the 1930s where it produces over ten million bottles of wine a year. The GIV was formed by a group of cooperatives and is owned by more than 2000 Italian wine producers. The GIV is actively striving to reintroduce the quality and character of the northern Italian region in the wine market.

How Is Bolla Chianti Made?

The essential major ingredient, the Sangiovese grape, is sometimes coupled with varietals such as Canaialo or Colorino which are often added to produce a more balanced wine. There is, however, a strong tendency to rely totally on the Sangiovese grapes. Other red wines such as Syrah, Merlot, or Cabernet Sauvignon are also sometimes blended in to promote the required smoothness.

The grapes are crushed and fermented in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks for around ten to twelve days to promote a roundness and more gentle tannin quality. This is followed by the malolactic fermentation that encourages a smooth and round character to the wine. In order to be able to carry the Chianti name, the wine must be produced in the Tuscany region although in the case of Bolla Chianti the wine, once made is transported to Valpolicella to be bottled and distributed.

Where Is Bolla Chianti Made?

The wine originates in the Tuscany region sourcing its grapes from two co-operatives, Valdarno Superiore and Valdarno Inferiore. The region is the traditional home of Chianti wines and is situated southwest of Florence and approximately sixty miles inland from the coast. Although the wines are fermented in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks, they are transported to Valpolicello for bottling and distribution.

How to Serve Bolla Chianti?

The wine is made to be paired with food. There is however extraordinarily little restriction on the type of food that will pair well with this wine. Pasta with any tomato-based sauce will be the ideal partner. So will a variety of roast meats and some good gutsy cheeses. The wine should be served slightly chilled and the younger wines will definitely benefit from a little breathing prior to pouring.

How Much Does Bolla Chianti Cost?

The Bolla Chianti price represents fantastic value. At under $10 a bottle, it is difficult to find a better partner for a casual meal with family and friends. And the best news is that Bolla Chianti is also available in magnum bottles which makes it ideal for larger parties. The magnums are priced around the $12 mark and there are also the small 187ml mini bottles available in packs of four at under $3 per bottle.

How Long Does Bolla Chianti Last?

Bolla Chianti is made in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks to encourage the wine to be drunk when young. Unopened the wine can be stored for some time but essentially it is designed to be drunk young and with its great value there should be little resistance to comply. There are however vintages available from more than ten years ago so there is longevity in the wine as well.

How Many Calories Does Bolla Chianti Have?

A standard 750 ml bottle of Bolla Chianti contains approximately six hundred and twenty calories and has a carbohydrate content of about twenty grams.


Rumor has it that Frank Sinatra would only eat in restaurants that served Chianti wine. It is the wine most associated with Italy and all that comes with it. Every review will always highlight the combination of the wine with great food, fresh and simple and bursting with flavor. It is a wine for friends and meals that languidly stretch out over laughter-filled hours. It is an unpretentious solidly good friend to almost any meal.

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