Redwood Creek Pinot Noir Review (2023)

Redwood Creek Pinot Noir Featured

What Kind of Wine Is Redwood Creek Pinot Noir?

Redwood Creek Pinot Noir is a fruit-forward dry red wine from California. It is made in New Worldstyle, with up-front fruit and soft tannins. Redwood Creek has flavors of raspberry and cherry. This medium-bodied wine has sweet notes of clove, and vanilla spice, making it a great companion to meat-based dishes.

California is the home of the American wine industry. It has ultra-modern-wineries and produces acclaimed wines of all styles. Some of the best Pinot Noir examples of the region display an abundance of red fruit aromas with strawberry notes, earthiness, and vibrant acidity. Contrary to wines produced in other parts of the world, Californian wines prefer to maintain their fruitiness in favor of complexity and great elaborateness. They remain silky, ignoring unnecessary structure.

Redwood Creek Pinot Noir Review

  • Winery — Redwood Creek Winery
  • Country/Region — United States, California
  • Type — Red Wine From California
  • Aroma — Raspberry, Cherry, Strawberry, Plum, Wet Soil
  • Grapes — Pinot Noir
  • Taste — Redcurrant, Cranberry, Blackberry, Clove, Vanilla Spice, Wet Stones, Flint, Wet Stones
  • Alcohol Content — 13%
  • Sugar — Dry
  • Pairing — Grilled Flank Steak, Roasted Chicken, Salmon, Cheese Plate

Redwood Creek is a palatable Pinot Noir that constitutes an excellent option for everyday wine. It is tender, with fragrances of red fruit and notes of vanilla spice. Every sip is delicious, as the velvety tannins combine with the pleasing finish. The wine is bursting with freshness, welcoming wine enthusiasts to experience a mouthful of Redwood Creek with relish.

Overall Rating: 4.0

  • Fruity Nose
  • Maintains Pinot Noir Character
  • Well-balanced
  • Value-for-money
  • The Finish Could Have Been Longer
  • Little Aging Potential

Tasting Notes

Redwood Creek Pinot Noir wine is delightful and velvety. In the nose, aromas of red fruits emerge as the bottle uncorks. While the wine flows into the mouth, unripe dark fruits blended with baking spices and clove create a delicious palate. A hint of minerality also adds complexity to Redwood Creek’s body. The pleasant acidity complements the wine’s soft tannins, leading to a medium but refreshing finish. As a consequence, Redwood Creek is approachable and easy-to-savor.


Redwood Creek has a brick red color, enhancing the wine’s fruit-forward spirit. The middle layer is translucent with light tears, while the rim opens and develops slowly into purple. Considering Pinot Noir grapes have low color concentration, this vibrant appearance is a delightful surprise making Redwood Creek a charming eye-pleaser. It is a wine with an appearance that will take a long time to forget, if ever.


Redwood Creek has a youthful nose. It is full of bright red fruit aromas. Raspberry, plum, and cherry commence the dance, while a hint of unripe strawberry adds extra fragrances to the aromatic bouquet. A few swirls later, earthy notes surface from the wine’s red abyss. Consequently, the aromatic profile is compelling and complements the silkiness of the Pinot Noir varietal.


Intense flavors of redcurrant, cranberry, and blackberry define the palate. While later on, delicate notes of clove and vanilla spice add structure to this medium-bodied Californian red. The tannins are soft and velvety and make a fantastic combination with the wine’s pleasant acidity. Redwood Creek, therefore, has a delicious and well-balanced mouth. It is round and smooth too. Wine enthusiasts are in for a good time and will relish the wine’s bright fruitiness. Redwood Creek Pinot Noir is savory and matches with a variety of different cuisines.


Redwood Creek concludes with a medium but refreshing finish. The berry flavors sit still on the tip of the tongue. In addition, just before you set the glass on the table, touches of minerality emerge. As such, sensations of wet stones and flint create surprising layers of complexity. Redwood Creek has a remarkable finish, and while it is not as long as it could have been, it ensures that the fruity character lingers to the end.


Redwood Creek is balanced and delicious. It is a prime example of masterful Californian wine-making. The wine’s freshness, with the delicate layers of red fruit and gentle touches of spices, is irresistible. On top of that, the velvety tannins showcase the elegance of the Pinot Noir varietal. By surrendering to Redwood Creek’s fruitiness, wine lovers join an unparalleled wine-drinking experience.

Redwood Creek Pinot Noir Food Pairing

Redwood Creek Pinot Noir is an easy-drinking wine that is enjoyable by the glass. That said, to truly celebrate its fruity and earthy nature, you have to pair it with grilled meat. As such, a juicy flank steak marinated with dried herbs and cooked on the grill makes a dynamic combo with Redwood Creek. Another fantastic pairing option is boneless chicken breasts coated in barbecue sauce. As the meat becomes crispy, the earthiness of the Pinot Noir varietal elevates. A cheese plate would match well with the wine’s berry notes, especially if it is an assortment of aged goat and Emmental cheese.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Makes Redwood Creek Pinot Noir?

Redwood Creek Pinot Noir is a product of Redwood Creek Winery, located in Modesto, California. Redwood Creek wines attempt to capture the essence of California. They are flavorful and made with grapes from some of California’s most renowned wine-growing regions. With a nod to the state’s emblematic tree, Redwood Creek wines are rooted in the California way of living.

But what would a winery be without a passionate and dedicated winemaker? Carl Denison, Redwood Creek’s winemaker, embodies the California way of life as he crafts food-friendly wines. He uses quality grapes to bring the spirit of California to life in every bottle. Redwood Creek Winery is part of E. & J. Gallo Winery, which is one of the largest exporters of California wine.

How Is Redwood Creek Pinot Noir Made?

Redwood Creek Pinot Noir is made by following the standard wine-making process. After harvest, the grapes are sorted, de-stemmed, and crushed to release their juice. Then, this juice is placed inside stainless steel tanks to undergo alcoholic fermentation. The temperature rises to ensure the extraction of color, flavor, and tannins from the fermented grapes. Afterward, malolactic fermentation might take place to increase body and structure. When it is over, the final wine is filtered from its enzymes and prepared for bottling.

Where Is Redwood Creek Pinot Noir Made?

Redwood Creek Pinot Noir is made in California State. Pinot Noir plantings thrive among the cooler coastal zones as the varietal is recognized for its pure, elegant fruit. In addition, some of the most successful wines in the United States are Californian-made. The region is the heart of the American wine-making industry, with its ultra-modern wineries. The Mediterranean climate combines the warm sun with cooling influences from the Atlantic Ocean and fog so California can deliver a diverse range of attractive wine styles.

How to Serve Redwood Creek Pinot Noir?

Redwood Creek serving temperature is approximately fifty to sixty degrees Fahrenheit (ten to fifteen degrees Celsius). If medium-bodied reds get too cold, they taste thin and harsh, whereas if they reach higher temperatures than recommended, they rapidly lose their flavors and become muddled. That being said, I would recommend lightly chilling the wine to fifty-five degrees Fahrenheit (thirteens degrees Celsius) though to lift its aromatic red fruit flavors and acidity.

To fully enjoy Redwood Creek, it is better to serve it in larger-sized red wine glasses. Decanting is a fantastic option too, and supplies the wine with the necessary aeration. As the air comes into contact with the wine surface, the Pinot Noir character elevates, and Redwood Creek feels alive.

How Much Does Redwood Creek Pinot Noir Cost?

This Californian red is a premium wine offered at a low price. Redwood Creek Pinot Noir price ranges from $7 to $12 and, therefore, is one of the best value-for-money wines available in the market. The raspberry and cherry aromas and their evolution into velvety tannins in the mouth are not to be missed, especially at this hard-to-beat selling point.

How Long Does Redwood Creek Pinot Noir Last?

Pinot Noirs, in general, are not suitable for bottle aging. And the reason for that is that they are fruit-forward and do not display the necessary complexity to withstand maturation. The Pinot Noir wines that undergo aging are blended mostly with Cabernet Sauvignon for structure and body. As Redwood Creek is a single varietal, it appears risky to put it for long-term storage. By aging it, its fruitiness could disappear, leaving behind a faulty wine. However, the wine could perhaps age for a short time, under certain circumstances, as that would allow it to develop additional secondary flavors.

Redwood Creek Pinot Noir must be sealed with a cork and stored in a stable environment with room temperatures of fifty to sixty degrees Fahrenheit (or ten to fifteen degrees Celsius) and a degree of humidity. Direct sunlight or artificial light is not beneficial as it will damage the wine by messing around with its yeasts, which are responsible for a successful maturation. Furthermore, the environment should be odor-free as odors find their way inside the bottle and affect the wine’s quality by giving it unpleasant flavors.

How Many Calories Does Redwood Creek Pinot Noir Have?

Redwood Creek Pinot Noir calories have a moderate density. There are 25 calories in 1 fluid ounce of the wine and a total of 125 per serving. The calorie breakdown is 0g fats, 0g sodium, 5g total carbohydrate, 0g protein, and 0g total sugars. On top of that, Redwood Creek Pinot Noir alcohol content sits at 13%, which is the standard alcohol concentration of medium-bodied Californian red. Redwood Creek, therefore, is a suitable dietary option and makes an excellent everyday wine.


Redwood Creek is a palatable Pinot Noir that constitutes an excellent option for everyday wine. It is tender, with fragrances of red fruit and notes of vanilla spice. Every sip is delicious, as the velvety tannins combine with the pleasing finish. The wine is bursting with freshness, welcoming wine enthusiasts to experience a mouthful of Redwood Creek with relish.

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