Smoking Loon Chardonnay Review (2023)

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What Kind of Wine Is Smoking Loon Chardonnay?

Smoking Loon Chardonnay is an oaky white wine from California. It opens with aromas of green fruits, like apple and pear. Tropical fruits layered with smoke and vanilla spice also surface, drawing wine enthusiasts deeper. In the mouth, ripe stone fruit flavors coated in butter display a toasty character. This taste comes from three-month aging in French oak barrels. The vibrant acidity offsets the ripeness and provides balance. Cultivating Chardonnay is not that much of a challenge since the variety can be grown and ripened in a wide variety of climates.

That said, it is early budding, meaning that it may suffer in regions with spring frosts. In general, Chardonnay displays flavors of crisp green fruit and vibrant citrus in cool and moderate climates. In warm regions, such as California, however, ripe tropical fruits dominate, instead. Furthermore, the subtle aromas and flavors make Chardonnay a fantastic canvas for a host of diverse wine-making techniques. From vibrant with primary fruit flavors to incredibly complex with aromas and flavors of nuts, mushrooms, and cream. In New World, the style of Chardonnay is dependent on the winemaker. As such, several are slightly or heavily oaked, which is the case with Smoking Loon Chardonnay.

Smoking Loon Chardonnay Review

  • Winery — Smoking Loon
  • Country/Region — United States, California
  • Type — Californian Chardonnay
  • Aroma — Apple, Pear, Lemongrass, Pineapple, Mango, Butterscotch, Smoke, Vanilla Spice
  • Grapes — Chardonnay
  • Taste — Quince, Peach, Banana, Lychee, Melon, Passion Fruit, Butter, Toast
  • Alcohol Content — 13.5%
  • Sugar — Dry
  • Pairing — Pork, Poultry, Salmon, Tuna, Goat Cheese

Smoking Loon is a Chardonnay crafted for adventure. Creamy and with an abundance of ripe exotic and stone fruit flavors, it is a wine destined for success. By tasting it, wine fans better get ready for the journey of a lifetime. Mellow and crispy, Smoking Loon is a solid Chardonnay, crafted in the most expressive New World style.

Overall Rating: 3.9

  • Ripe Exotics
  • Creamy And Well-balanced
  • Delicious
  • Vibrant Acidity
  • Woody Character
  • Little Sour
  • Excesses Of Creaminess Can Mask Some Of The Flavors

Tasting Notes

Smoking Loon is a Chardonnay made in the New World style. Ripe and bright tropical fruit aromas, like pineapple and mango, are realized as soon as the bottle uncorks. Together with apple and pear fragrances, they define the nose. Creamy and medium-bodied, the wine encompasses flavors of stone fruits, while the crispy acidity balances the soft lingering finish. Smoking Loon has a distinctive tasting profile and celebrates its Californian heritage to the maximum!


Smoking Loon Chardonnay wine has a pale straw color. At first glance, it does not impress. However, a few swirls later, the color transforms into a lemon-yellow with lime-green tones near the rim. The center is semi-opaque, an indication of boldness. The tears of the wine are long and watery as well, adding to the appearance. Smoking Loon Chardonnay starts innocently but ends with a unique and dynamic appearance.


Begin by uncorking this bottling slowly. Then, inhale as aromas of apple, pear, and lemongrass hit the nose with intensity. A while later, the second wave of aromatics emerges. This time exotic fruits, like pineapple and mango, develop. On top of that, notes of butterscotch and vanilla spice engulf wine fans as the smoky nature takes over. What an experience!


An abundance of stone fruits, enhanced with exotics, explode as the wine flows into the mouth. Quince and peach combine with banana and lychee to create a delicious palate. Elegant touches of melon and passion fruit are in perfect balance as the wine’s crisp acidity invigorates. A creaminess also defines the medium-body, adding structure, while toastiness, from the barrel aging, sends taste buds to heaven. Consequently, with such a savory profile, Smoking Loon Chardonnay is compelling and irresistible.


Smoking Loon Chardonnay has a long and lingering finish with a pleasant aftertaste. The exotic flavors remain in the mouth, along with notes of crispy apple and pear. In fact, the finish has a smooth texture that makes it enjoyable, as it encapsulates the fruitiness previously experienced. A hint of sweetness also surfaces before the final taste sensation disappears, contributing to a homey warmth.


Smoking Loon is a fruit-forward Californian Chardonnay. But it is also complicated with a distinctive New World disposition. With a nose filled with green and exotic fruits, Smoking Loon Chardonnay opens amazingly. The savory palate has quince, banana and peach flavors with overtones of melon and passion fruit. In addition, the ever-present creaminess is a New World style trademark, as is also the toastiness from the barrel aging. It is welcoming, adding layers of complexity. Lastly, the pleasing acidity balances the overall ripeness and refreshes the overall mouthfeel. Smoking Loon Chardonnay is a superb medium-bodied wine with crispiness and structure. As such, wine enthusiasts need to purchase it as soon as possible!

Smoking Loon Chardonnay Food Pairing

A plate of roast pork with crackling and goat cheese on the side make a delightful combination with a cold glass of Smoking Loon Chardonnay. That is because the ripeness of the Chardonnay increases the savory flavors of the pork meat. As a creamy and oaked white wine with robust flavors, Smoking Loon Chardonnay is an excellent companion to meaty fish, such as salmon and tuna.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Makes Smoking Loon Chardonnay?

Smoking Loon Chardonnay is a product of Smoking Loon. Since 2000, they have collected grapes from the top wine-making regions of the world to obtain the purest fruit. Then, they transform that fruit to its fullest potential, creating fruit-forward and balanced wines.

The winery belongs to Don Sebastiani & Sons, rooted in Sonoma County, California, since 1904. The company, though, was established in 2001 and is among the leading producers of wines, spirits, and sparkling water in the United States.

How Is Smoking Loon Chardonnay Made?

Smoking Loon Chardonnay is a white wine based on pure fruit flavors. For this reason, the grapes need careful handling to avoid oxidation and acidification. After harvest, the grapes are de-stemmed, crushed, and pressed. Then, the newly released juice is clarified to conserve aromatic intensity. Afterward, it is fed into stainless steel vessels to undergo cool fermentation, which is crucial to preserving as many primary aromas as possible. After the fermentation is over, Smoking Loon Chardonnay goes for a three-month maturation in French oak barrels. The final wine is filtered from sediments and bottled.

Where Is Smoking Loon Chardonnay Made?

Made from one-hundred-percent Chardonnay grapes, Smoking Loon is created in California. The hot Mediterranean climate of the region provides vital warmth to the vines. In return, the grapes increase their juice concentration and give luscious and elegant wines. Most successful Chardonnay examples showcase a wealth of ripe stone and tropical fruits and an endless creaminess.

And contrary to wines produced in different wine-growing regions of the world, Californian wines tend to conserve their freshness in favor of structure and complexity. They stay fruity and soft, neglecting unnecessary elaborateness. Furthermore, some of the most successful wines in the United States are Californian-made. The region is the pioneer in the American winemaking industry, with its acclaimed wines and state-of-the-art wineries.

How to Serve Smoking Loon Chardonnay?

Wine fans should serve Smoking Loon Chardonnay in regular medium-sized white wine glasses in order to encapsulate the stone and tropical fruit flavors. The large surface gives the wine the necessary aeration. As the air comes into contact with the wine surface, the aromas and flavors of Smoking Loon Chardonnay elevate. Furthermore, the wine needs to chill at fifty to fifty-four degrees Fahrenheit (ten to thirteen degrees Celsius). One-to-two hours before serving, take the bottle, wrap it in a wet paper towel, and place it inside the fridge. Then, pack a picnic basket, invite your best friends (or secret amore), and have a blast in the park as you uncork this creamy Chardonnay.

How Much Does Smoking Loon Chardonnay Cost?

Smoking Loon Chardonnay is budget-friendly, and as such, wine enthusiasts can afford it without cost-considerations. Smoking Loon Chardonnay price ranges from $7 to $11 per 750ml bottle, depending on the vintage and vendor. Consequently, consumers can obtain this pleasing bottling without worrying too much about the cost. To sum it up, and at this price point, Smoking Loon is an unmatched wine choice for a stimulating and nicely balanced Chardonnay. This wine is a definite crowd-pleaser. Buy it!

How Long Does Smoking Loon Chardonnay Last?

Unlike most whites, Chardonnay wines favor bottle aging. After maturation, aromas and flavors of almond, hazelnut, dried apricot, and marmalade should have developed. Smoking Loon Chardonnay, having also aged three months in wood barrels, is even more suitable to long-term storage as its creamy body can withstand maturation successfully.

The wine should be sealed with a cork and stored in an environment with room temperatures that do not fluctuate (fifty to sixty degrees Fahrenheit or ten to fifteen Celsius) together with a degree of humidity. Direct sunlight or artificial light should be avoided as they may damage the wine and make it faulty. Odors also have to be kept at bay, as they might find their way inside the bottle and instill unpleasant aromas and flavors.

How Many Calories Does Smoking Loon Chardonnay Have?

Smoking Loon has a standard-calorie density. Smoking Loon Chardonnay calories count up to 24 calories in 1 fluid ounce of the beverage, equating to a total of 122 calories per serving. The calorie breakdown is 0 grams of fats, 0 grams of sodium, 3 grams of total carbohydrate, 0 grams of protein, and 0 grams of total sugars. As a consequence, Smoking Loon is a calorie-friendly Chardonnay. So wine enthusiasts on a diet can enjoy it worry-free. Smoking Loon Chardonnay alcohol content is 13,5% per 750 ml bottle, a regular alcohol concentration for medium-to-full-bodied white wine.


Smoking Loon is a Chardonnay crafted for adventure. Creamy and with an abundance of ripe exotic and stone fruit flavors, it is a wine destined for success. By tasting it, wine fans better get ready for the journey of a lifetime. Mellow and crispy, Smoking Loon is a solid Chardonnay, crafted in the most expressive New World style.

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