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What Kind of Wine Is Stella Rosa Peach?

Stella Rosa Peach is like a glass full of summer sunshine any time of the year. It is the perfect, light semi-sparkling wine to share with friends or for celebrating special moments. This Moscato-blend has been infused with the delicious reminders of ripe summer fruits – especially those of succulent ripe peaches.

If you are having wine snobs around for a drink, they might not be impressed until they taste this fun sparkling peach wine. Stella Nova has a good reputation amongst winemakers and a considerable history of viticulture behind its name. It has its roots in Italy, but these grapes have made California Winelands their home. Stella Rosa Peach proves that lighter wines don’t mean that they lack character or depth. Being low in alcohol is also a positive with the new millennials, who want to enjoy an alcoholic drink that won’t disrupt their busy, creative lives. Stella Rosa Peach Wine is the perfect refreshing drink to share with a loved one, and it will not look out of place at fun gatherings Baby Showers, or bachelorette parties.

Stella Rosa Peach Review

  • Winery — Stella Rosa
  • Country/Region — Piemonte, Italy
  • Type — Italian Sparkling Wine
  • Aroma — Peachy, Yeasty
  • Grapes — Moscato Bianco
  • Taste — Peach, Apple, Cheese, Red Berries
  • Alcohol Content — 5%
  • Sugar — Sweet
  • Pairing — Summer Fruits, Salads, Asian Cuisine, Desserts, Strong Cheeses

I must say that I do not understand why this type of semi-sparkling fruity wine gets some bad press. I have to say that Stella Rosa is absolutely delicious! It is my favorite in this category of wine, and I think it has many positive features. For example, the Stella Rosa Peach Alcohol content is low, it’s gluten-free and not syrupy sweet. Perfect for a hot summer’s day!

Overall Rating: 4.7

  • Delicious
  • Fresh
  • Low alcohol
  • Stylish
  • Too Sweet For Some Wine Drinkers

Tasting Notes

Think Stella Rosa Peach Moscato for your next picnic, alfresco meal, or barbeque. It is light and fruity but stands proud next to the strong flavors of grilled meat, spicy sides, and exotic salads. The light sparkle of peach wine cleanses the palette between courses and will bring an unexpected highlight to the end of a meal when served with a rich, chocolatey dessert.


As you pour Stella Rosa Peach into a glass, you will notice the characteristic honey color of the Moscato grape reflected in the bubbles. The light peachy pink tones give this wine an elegant, slightly feminine edge. However, Stella Peach is no shrinking violet, and can hold its own in any company!


The nose of this summery wine is drenched with the aromas of apricot, melon, and of course, peach. The semi-sweet hints of fruit are noticeable but subtle on the nose.


The charming flavors of white peach blended with natural honey are the first tastes to tickle your tongue. Stella Rosa Peach reviews describe the sensation of the lime spritz, crème de cassis, rose petals, and peach pie that line up on the palate as amazing. Nothing dominates, and all the flavors are balanced and natural.


Stella Rosa Peach has an uncomplicated finish. There are lingering sweetness and fruity notes, which exit smoothly without leaving a syrupy, cloying taste.


The Stella Rosa Stella Peach wine deserves to be recognized for the delicious, down-to-earth sparkling drink that it is. It is young, a bit flirty, and the Stella Rosa Peach price is affordable for those who want a fun summer drink. I know several people who would love to share a bottle of this sparkling wine, under the stars, with a group of relaxed friends.

Stella Rosa Peach Food Pairing

This crisp, light, fruity wine is so versatile. That is one of the main reasons that it is the wine of choice of the younger generation who don’t want to be bound by old traditional pairings. From fresh summer fruits and salads to spicy curries and Asian cuisine, this wine will hold its own against strong flavors. It is especially delicious when served with sweet desserts and tarts, and a cheese platter with aged cheddar or other strong cheeses will make your mouth water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Makes Stella Rosa Peach?

The Riboli family traveled from Italy to Los Angeles in 1917 and founded the San Antonia Winery. Los Angeles, recognized as the wine-growing capital of California at the time, and the company was successful.

When they decided to establish the Stella Rosa wines, the Riboli vintners reached back to their Italian roots and sought the best aromatic grapes from Piedmont. They also chose the famous Asti area for sentimental reasons. It was the birthplace of the “materfamilias”, Maddalena Riboli, an important link with the past which has brought them good fortune. Stella Rosa is now more than just a delicious wine, it is a lifestyle statement in the USA.

How Is Stella Rosa Peach Made?

Honey and peaches are the first flavors to hit the palate when sipping Stella Rosa Peach. That is because peach essence is one of the main ingredients, as the name implies. A custom blend of peach essence provides a unique touch when added to the Moscato grapes. The bubbles are created by the same Charmat method that is used to give Prosecco its characteristic fizz. So, Stella Rosa Peach is considered a semi-sparkling wine.

The fermentation of the wine after pressing is done en masse in stainless steel tanks. That is when the magic occurs as the grape must, sugars, Sulphur dioxide, and wine ferment to become the fruit-forward, crisp, Stella Rosa wines ready for bottling. It is worth noting that Stella Rosa Peach is gluten-free and contains no artificial flavors.

Where Is Stella Rosa Peach Made?

While the original concept for Stella Rosa Peach was conceived in Los Angeles, Italy was chosen as the best place for the production of the wine. A tiny medieval village near Asti was chosen as the place for the Stella Rosa dream to come to fruition. Asti is the capital city of Piedmont, in northern Italy. This region is renowned for French-influenced wines and cuisine, and it is also the place where the best quality aromatic Moscato grapes grow. These are the type of grapes that are the most important ingredient in Stella Rosa wine.

How to Serve Stella Rosa Peach?

Make sure that Stella Rosa Peach is well-chilled. Then pour yourself a large glass to test if it is at the right temperature. If you are satisfied, then make the big decision about whether you want to share this delicious wine with others or not. Stella Rosa Peach will sparkle with delicious peachy aromas as the bubbles lift them from the glass. It will also make a stunning mixer for a summer cocktail. Choose the type of glass that will show off your creation, mix chopped strawberries, raspberries, and peaches on a layer of ice and top up with Stella Rose Peach wine. This cocktail is yummy when served with a sprig of mint.

How Much Does Stella Rosa Peach Cost?

Depending on where you shop, you should not pay more than $20 for a 750 ml bottle. often has good deals and the price ranges from $9 – $15.

How Long Does Stella Rosa Peach Last?

Semi-sparkling wines, like Stella Rosa Peach, are intended as everyday drinking wines. They should not be stored for more than three years. After that, the fizz may have deteriorated. Keep your bottles of Stella Rosa Peach in a cool, dark place and keep them standing upright. Once opened, seal before being chilling in the refrigerator. Or keep the bottle handy in an elegant ice-bucket.

How Many Calories Does Stella Rosa Peach Have?

Stella Rosa Peach calories come in at just 190 calories per 8 oz. serving. That means that there are 27g of carbs. This product is also gluten-free so this semi-sweet fizz can be consumed without guilt!


To conclude my review I must say that I do not understand why this type of semi-sparkling fruity wine gets some bad press. I have to say that Stella Rosa is absolutely delicious! It is my favorite in this category of wine, and I think it has many positive features. For example, the Stella Rosa Peach Alcohol content is low, it’s gluten-free and not syrupy sweet. Perfect for a hot summer’s day!

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