Radio Boca Tempranillo Valencia Review (2023)

Radio Boca Tempranillo Valencia Featured

What Kind of Wine Is Radio Boca Tempranillo?

The Radio Boca Tempranillo is a red wine from Valencia, Spain. It is produced from 100% Tempranillo grapes which are harvested from mature vines. The Radio Boca Tempranillo is one of Valencia’s most valuable exports and is held in high regard worldwide. Radio Boca Tempranillo has the reputation for being one of the top Spanish wines. It is a wine that reflects the terroir. That means that it is earthy, fiery, and vibrant – just like the land where it grows.

Radio Boca Tempranillo is an easy-going wine that is aimed at happy people who enjoy life, no matter what age they are. If you like a refreshing red wine that has the flavors of strawberries, cherries, and cassis, then this one will get your taste buds singing. WARNING the consumption of this wine could lead to a spontaneous party with dancing!

Radio Boca Tempranillo Review

  • Winery — Hammekan Cellars
  • Country/Region — Spain, Valencia
  • Type — Spanish Tempranillo
  • Aroma — Cherry, Blueberries, Strawberries, Plum, Vanilla, Incense
  • Grapes — Tempranillo
  • Taste — Blueberry, Cherry, Earthy Notes, Oak
  • Alcohol Content — 13.5%
  • Sugar — Dry
  • Pairing — BBQ Seafood, Paella, Grilled Meats, Red Sauce Pasta

Produced at the great Hammekan Cellars, the Radio Boca Tempranillo, Valencia, Spain is one of the most fun, upbeat red wines. It is easy to drink, and has a vibrant, exotic taste. Its unpretentious, medium-bodied style makes it the perfect party wine. It is youthful and, with its trendy packaging, it will fit right in for all your social occasions.

Overall Rating: 4.2



  • Affordable
  • Great Aroma
  • Unpretentious
  • Sweet
  • Versatile
  • Slightly Acidic

Tasting Notes

Radio Boca Tempranillo is soft on the palate. With its juicy black cherry and licorice flavor, it can make the taste buds tango. The Radio Boca Tempranillo presents notes of ripe plums and cherries, along with aromas of cinnamon and vanilla. You will also discern the floral notes of violets, and then oak and subtle tannins.


The Radio Boca Tempranillo is a luscious, dark purple color in the glass. The color is so dense that some see it as black with a purple hue. And through it all, you will notice ruby highlights that will sparkle in your glass.


The first thing that strikes you when you pour a glass of Radio Boca Tempranillo is the earthiness of the aroma. There is something exotic in the scent of licorice and incense that filters through the dark fruit flavors. It is heady, and you get an image of fierce Moors as they entered Spain and brought their influence of spices and mystery.


Although Radio Boca Tempranillo is considered a medium-weight red wine, it packs a multitude of flavors into its slight frame. It does not invade the palate. Rather, it tiptoes giving a soft mouthfeel with the flavors of cherry, licorice, and an earthy savouriness. The Radio Boca Tempranillo exudes a dryness filled with the sweet and enjoyable flavor of Tempranillo grapes, evoking memories of good times.


The overall lushness of the Radio Boca Tempranillo profile is consistent with the last drop. The same can be said for the general fruitiness. You will not be surprised that the chocolate smooth, satin-soft tannins complete the delicate blending and take you to a fruity finish. Just one, long comfortable journey.


The Radio Boca Tempranillo is an easy-to-drink, enjoyable wine. With the Radio Boca Tempranillo, you are assured of a relaxing wine that suits almost every occasion and pocket. It is the perfect wine for those who prefer a lighter flavored red, or those who are sampling red wine for the first time. It pairs easily with food and is light enough to enjoy at lunch or a casual drink with friends.

Radio Boca Tempranillo Food Pairing

The light, unpretentious style of Radio Boca Tempranillo facilitates food pairing. Although this wine can be consumed at any time of day, I would recommend it as a lunchtime beverage. It will pair perfectly with barbequed meat, especially lamb accompanied by hearty salads. It also tastes delicious with Italian cuisine, so feel no fear if pasta or pizza is on the menu.

It goes without saying that any Spanish food will be delicious when served with Radio Boca Tempranillo. So, bring on the tapas or a typical Valencian paella. Consider ending your meal with a variety of mature cheeses to truly experience the Radio Boca Tempranillo good vibe style!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Makes Radio Boca Tempranillo?

Nicholas Hammekan is a prestigious winemaker and the founder of the famous Hammekan Cellars. Through vigorous growing and production procedures, the Hammekan Cellars created the fantastic Radio Boca Tempranillo. Hammekan Cellars designed the Radio Boca Tempranillo to meet an average wine consumer’s lifestyle in the U.S.A. and bring them the flavors of Spanish wine.

How Is Radio Boca Tempranillo Made?

This top-rated red wine is made for 100% Tempranillo grapes. They are considered as Spain’s “noble” grape which has a long history in the region. The Mediterranean climate is ideal for the growth of this grape and helps to develop rich fruity flavors. As a wine, Tempranillo is made in many different ways, including a mixture of traditional and modern equipment and techniques. Radio Boca Tempranillo ingredients benefit from aging in oak barrels.

Where Is Radio Boca Tempranillo Made?

The flavorful red wine is made in Valencia, Spain. The vineyards are on the east coast of Spain, also known as the Iberian coast. Many will know this region for its juicy oranges and large dishes of Paella with seafood, but the vineyards where Radio Boca Tempranillo grapes are grown are just as famous.

How to Serve Radio Boca Tempranillo?

You can serve the Radio Boca Tempranillo chilled at about 40 – 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Depending on the occasion, you can serve this great beverage in coupes, regular wine glasses, or a tulip-shaped flute. This ready-to-drink red will even taste delicious in a picnic glass on the beach!

How Much Does Radio Boca Tempranillo Cost?

The Radio Boca Tempranillo price is a great deal. You can obtain a bottle of Radio Boca Tempranillo ranging from $11 to $18, depending on your region. It is well worth its cost, and you will enjoy every sip.

How Long Does Radio Boca Tempranillo Last?

The best period to enjoy the Radio Boca Tempranillo is within the first three months of purchase. After a light chilling, it is ready for consumption. However, the Radio Boca Tempranillo has a long shelf-life of up to three years, as long as you follow the specified storage procedures. 

How Many Calories Does Radio Boca Tempranillo Have?

The Radio Boca Tempranillo is somewhat low on calories since a single glass of this beverage (5 fluid ounces) contains calories within the 90-120g range. Radio Boca Tempranillo calories make the wine a nice daily drink. The Radio Boca Tempranillo alcohol content sits at 13.5-15%. In total, a bottle of Radio Boca Tempranillo red wine holds a total of 650 calories. The Radio Boca Tempranillo features 0% fat, 1% carbs, and 3% Protein.


Produced at the great Hammekan Cellars, the Radio Boca Tempranillo, Valencia, Spain is one of the most fun, upbeat red wines. It is easy to drink, and has a vibrant, exotic taste. Its unpretentious, medium-bodied style makes it the perfect party wine. It is youthful and, with its trendy packaging, it will fit right in for all your social occasions.

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