Mirassou Pinot Noir Review (2023)

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What Kind of Wine Is Mirassou Pinot Noir?

A wine that gracefully combines the essences of red berries and cherry, Pinot Noir is arguably the most cherished wine worldwide. Grown throughout the world, this grape is versatile in its flavor and texture. With a thin-skinned grape, the Mirassou Pinot Noir captures the beautiful earthy notes that are intertwined with a fruit-forward palate that this variety is famed for. It accomplishes a delicious full-bodied, dry red that emits a royal garnet color from the glass.

Although native to Burgundy, France, the Pinot Noir grape has blossomed in America. Mirassou Pinot Noir is produced in California, which has become the epicenter for growth and superiority of this grape. Growing in complex terrain, climate, and soils, this red encapsulates this grape’s enticing flavors. Smooth in texture and densely with flavor, this wine is suited to every palate. From BBQs to quiet nights in, any occasion will be enhanced with a glass of this wine. If you still need some convincing, then enjoy my review. It will have you searching for this divine wine!

Mirassou Pinot Noir Review

  • Winery — Mirassou
  • Country/Region — United States, California
  • Type — Californian Pinot Noir
  • Aroma — Dark Cherry, Sweet Wood, Leather, Cinnamon
  • Grapes — Pinot Noir
  • Taste — Cherry, Oak, Vanilla, Truffle, Peppermint, Cinnamon
  • Alcohol Content — 13.3%
  • Sugar — Dry
  • Pairing — Duck, Pork, Salmon, Tuna, Acidic Sauces

I have found it impossible to find any flaws in this Pinot Noir. From its lively wine brimming with flavor and aromas to the sustainable farming practices within its winery, it’s hard not to fall in love with the brand. On top of this, the economical price allows this delicious wine to be accessible to all wallets. What more can you ask for?

Overall Rating: 4.0

  • Slightly Oaky
  • Big Fruit Flavors
  • Little Bit of Sweetness
  • Long, Smooth Finish
  • Not Too Complex

Tasting Notes

The Mirassou Pinot Noir establishes itself as a dominant red that yields to a firm structure creating a silky smooth texture that rounds in the mouth. The drinking experience is exceptionally appealing, with its air of sophistication and elegance found in each sip. From its fruit-forward palate, the notes of rich dark cherries and deep plum arise that are complemented by earthy notes of mushrooms, vanilla, and aged oak. The wine gives way to notes reminiscent of a forest floor, lush, lively, and dense. This is finished with a leather flavor that finely balances the sweet and savory taste of this red. Mirassou Pinot Noir enriches everyday moments.


The gold label wraps elegantly around the bottle, recalling hot summer days as it draws the eye to the center where there is a depiction of the sun. This is a tribute to sun-drenched California, where this wine is grown. This welcoming appearance continues once the cork is popped. From the first pour, a purple hue emerges within the glass. Yet, light still shines through once the wine has settled, and with this comes a brilliant ruby red color. The color glosses over the glass, clingy to the sides, and slowly returns to the bowl, hinting at a deeper, lush red.


This red has a distinguished aromatic profile that has become synonymous with the Pinot Noir grape. With layered notes, the complexity of this wine it first noticed in its aroma. The dark perfume of plump fruits wafts from the glass, creating a jam-like scent, with dense notes of cherries and sweet raspberry following. The sweet notes of these fruits are finely balanced with the savory, earthy notes of leather and mushroom, bringing together an image of a dense forest. These notes are further accentuated by the refreshing layer of spice and cinnamon. This provides a complex and exceptional fragrance.


There is a silky smooth sensation that creates a beautifully structured rounding in the mouth. The Mirassou Pinot Noir provides intensely luxurious flavors. This wine’s voluptuous palate is attributed to the notes of cherry, strawberry, and raspberry, creating a lovely candied taste. The sweet notes are complemented by the flavors of sweet wood, vanilla, and a hint of truffle. These flavors linger on the tongue and are cut by a subtle taste of cinnamon and peppermint, creating a refreshing palate unique to this red wine. The dryness brings a weighted structure that is well-balanced and completes the taste of this delicious wine.


The Mirassou Pinot Noir wine has an enduring and outstanding finish that lingers long after the first taste. Although considered a lighter read than most, this Pinot Noir’s flavors give a lasting sensation, one that deserves to be savored. The subtle hint of vanilla and oak completes this wine’s character, with a smooth texture that is enhanced by the firm acidity and soft tannins. This red is an everyday wine, one that is delectable and easy to drink. The finely balanced flavors that are gracefully defined, and the smooth texture adds to the exceptional finish and leaves a lasting impression.


I am unequivocally a devotee of red wines, especially Pinot Noirs. With that being said, there is a huge supply and demand for this wine type, meaning that sub-standard wines will occasionally slip through the net. Mirassou Pinot Noir is not one of these wines. Hailing from California’s warm climate, you can tell with the first taste, that these grapes were picked at peak ripeness allowing lush and lively flavors to develop.

The dark perfume is enticing, with an appealing garnet color shining through the glass. It is an elegant wine, but this bottle’s economical price is the cherry on top. No longer will you have to search the shelves in hopes of finding a decent Pinot Noir. Mirassou Pinot Noir offers a red that is bursting with flavor at an economical price.

Mirassou Pinot Noir Food Pairing

As a versatile fruit-forward wine, Mirassou Pinot Noir allows many rich meals to be enhanced by its unique palate. With a berry profile that is defined but does not overpower the senses, this Pinot Noir allows meats such as duck, pork, and chicken to be paired with it, while going well with fish such as salmon and tuna. This wine’s high acidity enhances dishes that contain high acidities, such as chicken liver pate and pappardelle pasta with porcini ragu. The red also complements an array of different cheeses, both soft and hard. Perfect for a casual charcuterie board with friends!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Makes Mirassou Pinot Noir?

Mirassou winery was founded in 1854 by brothers Louis and Pierre Pellier and are deemed the pioneers of winemaking in California. This legendary winery has continued to be one of the most acclaimed producers of grapes within the United States, particularly in California’s massive wine region. In 2003, this winery was purchased by Gallo, the largest family-owned winery in the United States. Gallo maintained the ethos of Mirassou while growing it to legendary status and has continued to honor the Mirassou Winery Pinot Noir. While providing excellent grapes and beautifully produced wines, Gallo has also helped develop and implemented sustainable winegrowing practices to promote organic grapes and eco-friendly farming.

How Is Mirassou Pinot Noir Made?

This red is harvested at night due to the Pinot Noir preferring cooler climates. This guarantees a fresh grape with more lively flavors. After it is picked, it is cold soaked for 24 hours before fermentation. The grapes draw out color extraction, flavors, and aromatics by cold-soaking and ensuring a beautifully crafted red. Fermentation then takes place where the ingredient of yeast is added to create alcohol.

After primary fermentation, this Pinot Noir goes through Malolactic fermentation, which creates a supple, smooth texture. Oenococcus Oeni is added to this wine to convert the sour malic acid into a smooth, creamy lactic acid. This is pivotal to the creation of Pinot Noir as it attributes to the smooth mouthfeel. Once fermentation is completed, the wine is stored in oak barrels, which add notes of oak and vanilla to the wine.

Where Is Mirassou Pinot Noir Made?

This Pinot Noir originates from the California wine region, which spans over 850 miles on the West Coast. This area is regarded as the most important and most extensive wine region in the United States, dating back over 200 years. The vast land that this wine region consists of has complex climates, topography, and diverse soils, contributing to healthy, lush vines and grapes. The reason that this area is so successful in producing high-quality grapes is the proximity to the cool waters of the Pacific Ocean. During the summer, the Pacific Ocean creates a fog bank that covers the West Coast’s wine region. This cool air is essential for the Pinot Noir Mirassou California grape, and aids in creating wines that are brimming with flavor.

How to Serve Mirassou Pinot Noir?

Ideally, this red is best served at the slightly chilled of 55 degrees Fahrenheit (12 degrees Celsius), encouraging the aromatic profile to develop and enrich this wine’s flavors. Many choose to avoid decanting this wine; instead, they pour directly from the bottle. Some Mirassou Pinot Noir reviews cite that this preserves the intricately delicate flavors and aromas of this wine. The perfect glass for capturing this wine’s true beautiful essence is a large bell-shaped glass that will encourage the rich perfume of the red.

How Much Does Mirassou Pinot Noir Cost?

You will be surprised that the taste does not affect the price; Mirassou Pinot Noir price has remained stable and economical throughout the years. Ranging from $6.00 to $10.00 per 750ml, the flavor is certainly not the only perk to the bottle.

How Long Does Mirassou Pinot Noir Last?

This Pinot Noir can age gracefully and allows for those who enjoy vintage wines to cherish this bottle. However, it is best to be enjoyed within eight years of its bottling so that you can appreciate the intense and lively aroma and flavors of this red. Once this bottle has been opened, it can be kept in the refrigerator for up to three days. However, in order to enjoy its peak, it is better to drink within a day of opening.

How Many Calories Does Mirassou Pinot Noir Have?

Mirassou Pinot Noir calories amount to 121 per serving (5 fluid ounces), which is relatively less than most reds on the market. Meaning those who enjoy a balanced diet can also enjoy a serving of this delicious wine. As there are six servings in this bottle, the total calories are 726 per 750ml. This wine’s calorie breakdown is 0 grams fat, 3.4 grams carbohydrates, and 0.1 grams of protein. Mirassou Pinot Noir alcohol content is 13.3% ABV.


I have found it impossible to find any flaws in this Pinot Noir. From its lively wine brimming with flavor and aromas to the sustainable farming practices within its winery, it’s hard not to fall in love with the brand. On top of this, the economical price allows this delicious wine to be accessible to all wallets. What more can you ask for? So, enjoy this wine. Relax and savor every flavor. You will not be disappointed.

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