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What Kind of Wine Is Beringer Red Crush?

Beringer Red Crush is a semi-dry red blend from California. It is a combination of Merlot and Petite Syrah grapes. The grapes are sourced from vineyards in Napa Valley, the heart of California’s wine production region, and it is also home to some of the oldest vines in the world. In general, the Mediterranean climate of the region provides enough sunshine to enable the vines to produce bold and juicy wines.

 To understand a bit more about Beringer Red Crush wine, a short discussion about its grapes is appropriate. The Merlot grape is appreciated for its overall fruitiness and intense red fruit aromas. These include flavors such as red berries and figs, as well as chocolate undertones.

 Merlot grapes have found a paradise in California, as the region benefits from cool oceanic influences and fog that helps to reduce the constant heat that could stress the vines. As for Petite Syrah, this is an uncommon grape used almost exclusively in red blends. It adds body, structure, color, and black fruit aromas. The name comes from the small grapes that grow on the vine, also known as Durif. Consequently, Beringer Red Crush offers a combination of red fruit aromas and robust tannins that are perfectly balanced by its sweetness.

Beringer Red Crush Review

  • Winery — Beringer Vineyards
  • Country/Region — United States, California
  • Type — Californian Red Blend
  • Aroma — Red Berries, Raspberries, Strawberries, Chocolate, Charred Oak
  • Grapes — Merlot, Petite Syrah
  • Taste — Redcurrant, Sour Cherries, Vanilla, Butterscotch
  • Alcohol Content — 14.7%
  • Sugar — Semi-Dry (0.9g Per Serving)
  • Pairing — Grilled Mushrooms, Cherry Pie, Yellow Cheese, Chinese Dishes

Beringer Red Crush is a semi-dry Californian red blend. It is sourced from some of the finest vineyards in the United States. It is an approachable, fruit-forward wine, and very easy to drink. It is a perfect choice for parties as it guarantees satisfaction and enjoyment. Its red berry aromas together with its chocolate and vanilla notes make for a wonderful combination in a wine. The bargain price should encourage wine lovers to purchase it.

Overall Rating: 3.8

  • Aromatic
  • Fruity
  • Party Wine
  • Excellent For Cooking
  • Extremely Affordable
  • Lacks Structure
  • Short Finish

Tasting Notes

As expected, Beringer Red Crush is a very fruity semi-dry red wine that brings to mind fresh spring mornings and sweet summer nights. The wine has the ripe, juicy aromas of red berries, raspberries, and strawberries, which are followed by subtle layers of chocolate and coffee. Its palette is an orchestra of black and red cherry flavors. Importantly, the general sweetness never takes over the other sensations. The robust tannins of this wine balance it very well and give Bering Red Crush an ample, but smooth profile.


From the moment Beringer Red Crush is poured into a wine glass, its red cherry color brings a joyful smile to the assembled wine lovers. There are also glints of ruby as you give the wine a quick swirl. This wine has a lovely luminosity.


Beringer Red Crush encompasses most of the standard aromas of a young Merlot. Vivid fresh ripe berries and sour cherries dominate the front. They are then joined by notes of chocolate, coffee, and a little charred oak. These smells are all layered marvelously and complete the wine’s aromatic profile. The Beringer Red Crush nose is indeed appealing and not easily forgotten. It’s a bit like your first high school crush!


A blend of fresh red currants, raspberries, and strawberries characterize the wine’s palette. In fact, the red fruit flavors are so distinctive that drinking Beringer Red Crush is almost better than actually munching on them. Alongside the primary flavors, gentle notes of chocolate, nutmeg, vanilla, and charred wood can be detected. There is also a small hint of butterscotch buried inside. Its tannins are robust and help to balance the sweetness, as well as adding some additional complexity.


Beringer red blend displays a short, clean finish. Perhaps a few red fruit flavors remain in the mouth after sipping, but they do not make any great long-lasting impression. However, that should not cause any worries about the wine’s quality. Beringer Red Crush is a fun, drinkable wine that can be enjoyed with a few friends spending a lazy afternoon on the porch.


If anything, Beringer Red Crush is a fun wine. It is very straightforward and easy to drink. It displays many happy red fruit aromas and flavors. Beringer Red Crush brings just what you want to small friendly gatherings or parties. It is an unpretentious, everyday wine that people with no prior wine knowledge will find pleasing and refreshing. It is also excellent as a cooking wine. But, beware! I challenge anyone to pour a glass and try it before adding it to the food. See? Now you need to open another bottle.

Beringer Red Crush Food Pairing

Beringer Red Crush is best suited to light meals and snacks. Spicy food like Chinese or Indian dishes go together with this wine. Try it with grilled Pleurotus and Portobello mushrooms. Or, serve it with a delicious Cheese Plateau of Premier Cru Emmental and prosciutto. These foods will accentuate the wine’s red berry flavors. Cherry Pie and other desserts will prove that Bering Red Crush is a versatile, delicious wine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Makes Beringer Red Crush?

Beringer Red Crush is made by Beringer Vineyards and Chief Winemaker Mark Beringer. The winery is in Napa Valley, California. Beringer Vineyards started 145 years ago in 1876, when Jacob and Frederick Beringer, decided to make wines that could rival the finest in Europe. Today, Jacob’s great-great-grandson, winemaker Mark, manages, what is considered one of Napa’s finest wineries. Beringer is respected as one of the region’s greatest producers and has a large portfolio of wines.

How Is Beringer Red Crush Made?

As a semi-dry red wine, the winemaking process of Beringer Red Crush is a little different from standard red wine production. During fermentation, the process that gives the wine its flavors and aromas, the grape spirit is added, which fortifies the wine. The grape spirit kills the yeasts that had been added before they convert the natural sugars. This adjusts the balance of the wine and turns it into sweet wine. However, this fortification procedure is not widely utilized in California but is common in Germany and Italy.

Where Is Beringer Red Crush Made?

Beringer Red Crush is produced in the Napa Valley on the North Coast of California. More specifically the Merlot and Petite Syrah grapes used in the creation of the wine-in-review are sourced mainly from Beringer’s Gamble Ranch Vineyard in Oakville and Big Ranch Road Vineyard in Oak Knoll. The rocky land of Gamble Ranch Vineyard benefits from the rich sedimentary soil of Rector Creek.

California is recognized as the home of some of the most successful and highly acclaimed wines of America. The Napa Valley is the beating heart of the finest wineries of the United States. California’s Mediterranean climate is perfect for the production of a diverse range of premium wine styles that are appealing to wine enthusiasts worldwide.

How to Serve Beringer Red Crush?

As a wine intended to be enjoyed during family gatherings or light meals, Beringer Red Crush could be served in balloon-shaped wine glasses as their large bowl will allow the wine to breath and fully display its red fruit aromas. If these unique wine glasses are not available, a standard larger-side glass would suffice as it will still allow the air to come into contact with the wine surface and help it to release its aromatic and flavor intensity. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that Beringer Red Crush is best served chilled at 60 degrees Fahrenheit (15-18 degrees Celsius).

Due to being a semi-dry red blend, Beringer Red Crush could also be used to make some delightfully tasty Sangria or Danish Gløgg for festive occasions.

How Much Does Beringer Red Crush Cost?

This Californian red blend is well-priced and therefore, most wine lovers can experience its fruity and luscious character. Beringer Red Crush price ranges from just $4 to $10 and therefore, with this price point, it should be tasted at least once.

How Long Does Beringer Red Crush Last?

Even though Beringer Red Crush is a sweet wine, and as a rule, sweet wines really benefit from aging, it would be unwise for it to be put away for long-term storage. If Beringer Red Crush ages for too long, the resulting flavor would be dull and its aromatic flavor profile will deteriorate. It is best enjoyed while it is young and fresh!

How Many Calories Does Beringer Red Crush Have?

Beringer Red Crush calories are generally low. There are about 26 calories in 1 fluid ounce of the wine, and a total of 129 calories per serving. The calorie breakdown is: 0g fats, 1g sodium, 0.8g total carbohydrates, 0g protein, and 0.2g total sugars. As an off-dry wine, Beringer Red Crush alcohol content is relatively high at 14,7% per 750ml bottle.


Beringer Red Crush is a semi-dry Californian red blend. It is sourced from some of the finest vineyards in the United States. It is an approachable, fruit-forward wine, and very easy to drink. It is a perfect choice for parties as it guarantees satisfaction and enjoyment. Its red berry aromas together with its chocolate and vanilla notes make for a wonderful combination in a wine. The bargain price should encourage wine lovers to purchase it.

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