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What Kind of Wine Is Rosatello Rosso?

Lusciously sweet, fruity-forward, and refreshing, Rosatello Rosso is made from grapes that grow in the sun-drenched vineyards of Tuscany, Italy. It is one of the oldest wine regions in the world, with over a thousand years of rich history in winemaking. The wine is produced from the Brachetto grape and is known for producing light-bodied and extremely aromatic wines.

Its distinctive notes of raspberries and strawberries enliven the palette. As expected, Rosatello Rosso proudly displays these invigorating qualities, as well as its inviting flowery aromas and honeyed fruit. This unique wine is the perfect companion for any occasion.

Rosatello Rosso Review

  • Winery — Rosatello Wines
  • Country/Region — Tuscany, Italy
  • Type — Tuscan Red
  • Aroma — Rose Petals, Violet, Peach, Apricot, Orange, Watermelon, Pear
  • Grapes — Brachetto
  • Taste — Raspberries, Red Currants, Strawberries, Blackberries, Apples, Peach, Pineapple
  • Alcohol Content — 6%
  • Sugar — Sweet
  • Pairing — Roasted Chicken, Paella, Italian Deserts

Rosatello Rosso’s aromatic profile is extravagant with flowers from the greenest Italian meadows to invite wine lovers for an immersive experience before trying their sensations with soft, honeyed flavors from ripe apricots and peaches. Rosatello Rosso, therefore, displays unparalleled energy and freshness that is sure to captivate.

Overall Rating: 4.6

  • Extra Aromatic And Flowery
  • Sweet But Balanced
  • Invigorating And Delicious
  • Flower Intensity May Hide Fruit Flavors

Tasting Notes

As a wine rooted in the Italian lifestyle and tradition, Rosatello Rosso brings to you the gentle touch of a Latin lover. It is a lush and welcoming sweet red wine and, from the moment that has been uncorked, it reveals layers of nectar aromas. On the mouth, Rosatello Rosso offers the delicious flavors of red and black fruits, as well as light citrus notes. There is also a touch of exotic fruit, like pineapple and mango. The finish is soft, but still very fruity and symbolizes the wine’s easy-to-drink character.


Just a quick look at Rosatello Rosso is enough to create a love affair that will last. A wonderful, almost translucent strawberry color that swirls and lifts strong hints of ruby to the rim of your glass. It will evoke memories of happy times and make you feel that there are many more to come.


Rosatello Rosso opens with the flowery aromas of rose blossoms and honeyed stone fruits. These are quickly followed hints of citrus fruits like orange, lime, and grapefruit. After a few swirls, intense aromas of watermelon and pear emerge and enrich the already distinctive nose. This bouquet-like aromatic profile is also found in Italian Pinot Grigio and Mediterranean Moscatos.


A characteristic warm, jammy sweetness dances along with the irresistibly crisp flavors of raspberries, red currants, and blackberries. Hints of citrus fruits emerge and shortly after you will taste juicy apples and lemon zest. The sweetness is refreshingly light and completes the silky mouthfeel of the wine. The tannins are soft yet bring the all-important balance to the fruitiness.


Rosatello Rosso holds fast to its extroverted personality and knows how to sustain the flavor right to the delicious end. The refreshing acidity on the finish cleans the palate and prepares it for another large sip.


My Rosatello Rosso wine review has reiterated the complicated aromatic profile of this sweet Tuscan wine. As to its taste, Rosatello Rosso is intense on the palate with flavorful red fruits. With a refreshing finish, this wine delivers from the first sip to the end. A simple pleasure that can be enjoyed on its own, with company, but it will always be welcome when served with hearty food.

Rosatello Rosso Food Pairing

Rosatello Rosso goes deliciously with Roasted Chicken and Shrimp Fried Rice. The refreshing fruit-forward nature helps to break down the fats from the chicken and add touches of apricot and pineapple. Furthermore, since the wine also pairs so great with rice, it would complement almost any kind of Mediterranean rice-based dishes such as Spanish Paella or even Tunisian Spinach Rice. Finally, due to its sweetness, Rosatello Rosso goes hand-in-hand with traditional Italian desserts such as creamy Panna Cotta and jam-filled crostata.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Makes Rosatello Rosso?

Rosatello Rosso is produced by Rosatello Wines in Tuscany and has a rich history in the Italian winemaking industry, as it has crafted wines since the 1950s. Rosatello Wines belongs to Constellation Imports, based in California. It is one of the greatest American producers of alcoholic beverages as well as a wholesale wine distributor with many successful wineries.

How Is Rosatello Rosso Made?

When it comes to winemaking, Rosatello Rosso is a unique wine. It is a red semi-sparkling wine, which is a rare find in the market. It is crafted in the tank method, also known as Charmat, to ensure the perfect balance of sweetness and vibrant acidity. The tank method allows the production of wines that retain their fruity varietal character and is used in the production of the popular Italian sparkling wine, Prosecco.

After harvest, the grapes are taken to the winery. There they are pressured and crushed to release the juice. This grape juice then undergoes two separate alcoholic fermentations. During the first, it is fed into large tanks to preserve the fresh-from-the-vineyard fruit flavors. Afterward, the fermented juice is placed into another vessel and pressurized to maintain natural vibrancy. When the second fermentation has been completed, the wine is filtered and bottled – under pressure. The result is a refreshing wine that is lusciously sweet, approachable, and easy-to-drink. Perfect for parties!

Where Is Rosatello Rosso Made?

This wine is a product of careful Italian winemaking and the Brachetto grapes are sourced from sun-drenched vineyards. Tuscany, with its picturesque hillsides and endless coastlines, is widely associated with the grape variety Sangiovese and Chianti wine. Tuscany lies south of the Po Valley and is dominated by the Apennine Mountains, which run the length of Italy. Grapes are planted on the slopes of the mountain range with the altitude to provide a moderating influence on the hot Mediterranean climate. Cool sea breezes, from the Tyrrhenian Sea, add the final touch needed to grow these perfect grapes.

How to Serve Rosatello Rosso?

Since Rosatello Rosso is a sweet wine and resembles some of the finest Italian sparkling wines, it should be served in a standard-sized red wine glass or a flute glass. The former allows the air to come into contact with the wine surface and helps the wine to release its aromatic and flavor intensity while the latter enhances the wine’s intense flowery aromas by concentrating them into a smaller environment before sending them rapidly to the top of the glass where they explode on the nose.

Lastly, Rosatello Rosso would taste great if served at room temperature (60 degrees Fahrenheit or 15-18 degrees Celsius). However, I would recommend instead to chill the wine for a period of 30 to 60 minutes and serve it like a Valpolicella or a Californian White Zinfandel to maintain its exhilarating crispness.

How Much Does Rosatello Rosso Cost?

The wine-in-review is priced similarly to most Italian wines, sparkling or not, of its range. Therefore it is very affordable with Rosatello Rosso price cost ranging from $8 to $11. This makes it a fantastic wine choice to present at the Christmas dinner or bring along at a beach party in some faraway exotic country.

How Long Does Rosatello Rosso Last?

The short answer is that Rosatello Rosso will not benefit from long-term storage or aging and therefore after purchase, it should be consumed almost immediately. The longer it stays in the pantry, the greater the loss in its aromatic and flavor intensity. In other words, Rosatello Rosso’s flowery nose and honeyed fruit palette are endangered with complete extinction if wine enthusiasts take too long to uncork the bottle. Furthermore, it does not have the structural characteristics required to withstand aging like robust tannins or high alcohol concentration. Rosatello Rosso therefore should be consumed within 6 months to 1 year from the date of bottling; that is if you want to keep its fruity character unspoiled and enjoy it in all of its rosy glory.

How Many Calories Does Rosatello Rosso Have?

With 19 calories per 1 fluid ounce and 160 calories per serving, a glass of Rosatello Rosso makes a suitable dietary choice. Rosatello Rosso calories breakdown to 0g Fats, 0g Sodium, 22g Total Carbohydrate, 0g Protein, and 21g Total Sugars. In regards to the Rosatello Rosso alcohol content of the wine, it currently sits at just 6% per 750ml bottle. This should not be surprising as the wine has been produced with the same method as Italian sparkling wines, which are characterized by their highly refreshing nature and low alcohol concentration.


Rosatello Rosso sweet red wine has been created in the region of Tuscan in Central Italy, a country with a so strong tradition in winemaking that is as old as the cultivation of grapevines. Rosatello Rosso’s aromatic profile is extravagant with flowers from the greenest Italian meadows to invite wine lovers for an immersive experience before trying their sensations with soft, honeyed flavors from ripe apricots and peaches. Rosatello Rosso, therefore, displays unparalleled energy and freshness that is sure to captivate.

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