Bella Sera Pinot Grigio Review (2023)

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What Kind of Wine Is Bella Sera Pinot Grigio ?

Showing vibrant fruit, hints of florals give way to luscious tastes of stone fruit and honey. Lightweight but creamy, Bella Sera Pinot Grigio is a pleasant sipper with a fine acidity and lengthy finish. Read our Bella Sera Pinot Grigio review to find more about this wine. The Pinot Grigio varietal grows everywhere, even though it is indigenous to Burgundy, France. That said, it is most associated with Italy. There, it produces large quantities and quality wines.

Pinot Grigio is grown throughout Northern Italy in Veneto, Umbria, Trentino, Alto Adige, and Friuli. Depending on the region, vintage, produce, and retail price, Pinot Grigio ranges from light to medium, exhibiting green fruit notes, as well as riper tropical fruit flavors, racy acidity, and uplifting minerality. They taste great with seafood, chicken, mushroom-based dishes, and desserts.

Bella Sera Pinot Grigio Review

  • Winery — Bella Sera
  • Country/Region — Italy, Veneto
  • Type — Northern Italy Pinot Grigio
  • Aroma — Honeysuckle, Orange Blossom, Pear, Apple, Meyer Lemon, Grapefruit, Pineapple, Nut, Grass
  • Grapes — Pinot Grigio
  • Taste — Peach, Apricot, Guava, Lime, Flint, Lemongrass, Sage, Mint, Raisin, Kiwi, Straw, Toasted Wood, Honey
  • Alcohol Content — 11.5%
  • Sugar — Dry
  • Pairing — Seafood, Chicken, Pasta, Risotto, Arugula Salad, Cured Meat, Takoyaki, Camembert, Brie, L’Explorateur

Bella Sera Pinot Grigio is great for what it is. The wine shows an aromatic nose of honeysuckle and green fruit together with a palate of tropicals and honeyed sensations, as it impresses wine enthusiasts with its balanced nature. The gentle suggestions of oak, as well as the citrus hints, provide complexity and freshness, creating a fantastic combination. ‘Bella Sera’ is a must-drink for a truly beautiful evening!

Overall Rating: 4.0

  • Highly Aromatic
  • Complex Flavor Profile
  • Fine Acidity
  • Lightweight But Delicious
  • Slightly Flat At Times

Tasting Notes

Bella Sera Pinot Grigio wine has a soft tasting profile, filled with ample fruitiness and honeyed flavors. Aromas of flowers and green fruit blend, as scents of citrus and tropicals, define the bouquet. On the palate, peaches and guavas emerge, as a brisk acidity offers freshness. Some oakiness is present on the aftertaste, too, but it mostly faded. However, it does add extra complexity and a distinctive character to the long, yummy aftertaste.


With a lemon-green hue, Bella Sera Pinot Grigio is beautiful. The core is clean and translucent, and as it opens, it exhibits golden highlights near the glass rim. The legs of the wine are watery and long, without density. Bella Sera Pinot Grigio is definitely attractive and pleasant to look at. Simply put, the wine is gorgeous.


Bella Sera Pinot Grigio is an aromatic white with pronounced scents of orange blossom and honeysuckle. Close by, notes of pear and apple follow, mingled with dashes of Meyer lemon, grapefruit, and pineapple. Subtle hints of nuts and grass combine to complete the vibrant aromatic profile. So, uncork Bella Sera Pinot Grigio and delve into its sweet, mellow fragrances!


In the mouth, the wine is delicious. As it enters the mouth, flavors of peach, apricot, and guava surface, indicating juiciness and fruitiness. A bit later, waves of minerals, lime, and lemongrass hit the mid-palate, as honey and butter undertones contribute depth. The texture is rounded and smooth, offering savoriness, as essences of sage, mint, and raisin complete the mouthfeel. In addition, the medium-high acidity is refreshing, offsetting the creaminess.


Bella Sera Pinot Grigio has a long and lingering finish. Notes of raspberry, melon, and honey, mingled with gentle touches of kiwi, straw, and toasted wood, offer complexity to the back-palate. The lengthy ending, therefore, is satisfactory and bold, inviting wine fans to take another sip.


Bella Sera Pinot Grigio does not disappoint. It has a fruit-forward profile and decent, gratifying complexity. The best thing about it is how it combines freshness with richness. Everything is balanced, as the juicy tastes satisfy the taste buds. Medium-bodied, smooth, and delicious, Bella Sera Pinot Grigio is recommended to every wine enthusiast.

Bella Sera Pinot Grigio Food Pairing

Bella Sera Pinot Grigio pairs well with an array of different appetizers, cuisines, and foods. For the best combination, serve the wine with Summer dishes such as seafood on the grill, barbeque chicken, lightweight pasta courses, risottos, and creamy cheeses. For instance, L’Explorateur, Brie, and Camembert celebrate the wine’s juiciness and honeyed sensations.

Cured meats also work great with Bella Sera Pinot Grigio, including Jamón ibérico and Mortadella. An arugula salad with cranberries, pine nuts, and balsamic vinegar is a fantastic pairing option, too. On top of this, Asian dishes are good companions for Pinot Grigios. Takoyaki or Tempura shrimp is divine when accompanied by Bella Sera Pinot Grigio. So many choices of endless delight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Makes Bella Sera Pinot Grigio?

Bella Sera Pinot Grigio is a product of the synonymous Bella Sera winery in Italy. Bella Sera, which in Italian means beautiful evening, captures the authentic and welcoming essence of the country. At Bella Sera, they celebrate each moment. They also strive to produce wines perfect for bringing family and friends together for delicious food and wine pairings.

Bella Sera crafts Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir, and a Red Blend, with the fruit originating from renowned domestic wine-growing regions. From Naples to the Italian countryside, Bella Sera brings Italian wine to the table.

How Is Bella Sera Pinot Grigio Made?

Since Bella Sera Pinot Grigio is primarily a fruit-forward wine with green fruit notes, careful handling in the winery is vital to avoid oxidation and acidification. The grapes are hand-picked to remain whole and retain their elegant aromas and flavors. Afterward, they are destemmed and crushed. Crushing breaks the skins of the grapes and liberates a quantity of juice. But damaging the seeds should be avoided. Otherwise, they release bitter oils and tannin, and the final wine becomes astringent and bitter.

After crushing, pressing follows. Pressing separates the liquid and the solid constituents of grapes. Seeds should remain undamaged once again. Then, the grape juice is fermented in temperature-controlled tanks. Several additional weeks of aging are also required to develop the distinctive Pinot Grigio flavor. When fermentation is over, the wine is filtered from sediments and bottled, ready for consumption.

Where Is Bella Sera Pinot Grigio Made?

The Pinot Grigio grapes used in the production of Bella Sera Pinot Grigio come from the Veneto region. Veneto stretches from the slopes of the Alps to the flat farmland near the Adriatic seashore. The region is renowned for grape growing, producing many grape varieties that range from bold reds to crispy, aromatic whites. Veneto has a moderate climate with sweet summers and occasional rainfalls. The Alps form a barrier and shelter the vineyards from rain, preventing the appearance of rot. On top of this, rivers and glacial lakes, such as Lake Garda, provide a moderating influence on Veneto and other inland areas.

A complex trellising system called Pergola is used in Veneto, protecting the grapes from sunburn and enabling the air to circulate, minimizing the risk of rot. In this system, the vine canopy is trained high. The grapes hang down below a horizontal leaf canopy, sheltering themselves. Italy showcases a large number of indigenous grape varieties and creates a vast range of wine styles. It is a winemaking region that has been making wine for over a thousand years. And it is also a champion of the notion that the vineyard location (appellation) is more important than science and the winemaker’s role in the production of wines.

How to Serve Bella Sera Pinot Grigio?

As an elegant Pinot Grigio, the wine has to be served in medium-sized white wine glasses or tulip glasses. As always, the large surface of the glass gives the wine essential aeration. When the air comes into contact with the wine surface, the aromatic and flavor intensity rises. On top of this, Pinot Grigios need to be chilled at 50-54°F (10-13°C) before serving. In other words, you cannot have a Pinot Grigio at room temperature. It will taste bad.

Moreover, Bella Sera Pinot Grigio has to stay cool during service. To do that, use an ice bucket or wine cooler. The bucket should be filled three-quarters full with equal quantities of ice and water so that iced water surrounds the bottle. The water is then able to transfer the heat from the bottle to melt the ice. Air acts as an insulator, and the bottle chills. Be careful, however, as over-chilling masks flavors in wines.

How Much Does Bella Sera Pinot Grigio Cost?

For the complexity it offers, Bella Sera Pinot Grigio is priced very moderately. In fact, the wine is very approachable price-wise, and nearly every consumer can purchase it without cost considerations. Bella Sera Pinot Grigio price ranges from $10 to $14, depending on the vendor, making it one of the best value-for-money Pinot Grigios on the market. If you are on the lookout for an affordable but structured white wine, this Pinot Grigio might be the best option.

How Long Does Bella Sera Pinot Grigio Last?

You should avoid storing Bella Sera Pinot Grigio for too long, as it is a wine intended to be consumed young. In fact, the longer the wine remains uncorked, the more its fruity and refreshing character declines. And you do not want that! Bella Sera Pinot Grigio cannot withstand long-term storage and maturation because it does not have grippy tannins or a high alcohol content. And despite being slightly sweet, the sweetness is not nearly as high as in a Tokaji or a trockenbeerenauslesen Riesling. Consequently, wine fans should aim to consume the wine within 1-2 years from the date of bottling.

How Many Calories Does Bella Sera Pinot Grigio Have?

Bella Sera Pinot Grigio is a great dietary choice. It has low calories and low alcohol content. More specifically, Bella Sera Pinot Grigio calories amount is 24 calories in 1 fluid ounce of the beverage, equating to a total of 122 calories per serving. The calorie breakdown is 0 grams of fat, 0 grams of sodium, 3 grams of total carbohydrate, 0 grams of protein, and 7-10 grams of total sugars. As such, Bella Sera Pinot Grigio is fantastic for consumers on a diet. Whenever you need a tasty but low-calorie wine, go for this Pinot Grigio. Bella Sera Pinot Grigio alcohol content is 11.5% per 750ml bottle. That is a normal alcoholic concentration of an Italian Pinot Grigio. Remember, however, to drink and enjoy your time responsibly, avoiding excessive consumption.


Bella Sera Pinot Grigio is great for what it is. The wine shows an aromatic nose of honeysuckle and green fruit together with a palate of tropicals and honeyed sensations, as it impresses wine enthusiasts with its balanced nature. The gentle suggestions of oak, as well as the citrus hints, provide complexity and freshness, creating a fantastic combination. ‘Bella Sera’ is a must-drink for a truly beautiful evening!

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