Fre Chardonnay Review (2023)

What Kind of Wine Is Fre Chardonnay?

If you fancy an alcohol-free beverage, Fre Chardonnay is what you need. It is a white wine from California that has had all the alcohol removed. However, you still get all the fresh stone fruit aromas and notes of ripe pineapple and apple that you would expect. Savory and versatile, Fre Chardonnay accompanies seafood, veal, creamy pasta, and mild cheeses well.

The interesting thing about Chardonnay is that it’s a variety that can be grown and ripened with ease in pretty much any climate. The variety is early budding, meaning it sometimes suffers in areas with intense rainfall or spring frosts. Chardonnay wines from warm regions, like Napa Valley, show flavors of passion fruits, jammy red berries, and brioche bread. In cool climates, such as Chablis, they present the taste of green fruits, like pear and apple.

Moreover, the elegant, primary characteristics of Chardonnay enable it to undergo several different and quite complex winemaking techniques, such as malolactic conversion. Thanks to these methods, Chardonnays show unique notes of nuts, mushrooms, and toasted bread. In the New World, the Chardonnay style depends more on the winemaker and less on tradition.

Fre Chardonnay Review

  • Winery — Fre
  • Country/Region — United States, California, North Coast, Napa County, Saint Helena
  • Type — Napa Valley Chardonnay
  • Aroma — Peach, Apricot, Nectarine, Grapefruit, Lime, Orange Peel
  • Grapes — Chardonnay
  • Taste — Pineapple, Mango, Cantaloupe, Grape, Apple, Pear, Butter, Butterscotch, Tart
  • Alcohol Content — 0.5%
  • Sugar — Dry
  • Pairing — Fried Calamari, Creamy Pasta, Roast Veal, Mild Cheeses

With lively tropical fruit aromas, this alcohol-removed Chardonnay is compelling. It is elegant and chic. And it is as approachable and complex as oaked Chardonnays. Due to its perfect balance, Fre Chardonnay is charming and irresistible. I wholeheartedly recommend it. Try a glass today.

Overall Rating: 3.8



  • Delicate Aromas
  • Alcohol-free But Delicious
  • Creamy Finish
  • Budget-friendly
  • A Bit Thin Taste
  • Low Acidity

Tasting Notes

Fresh and fruity, Fre Chardonnay is medium-bodied and delicious. Opening with crisp hints of peach and citrus, it continues with ripe tropical fruit flavors on the palate. The aftertaste is sweet, as notes of butterscotch and apple tart linger. Meanwhile, the acidity is low but, it still offers freshness and excitement. All in all, Fre Chardonnay, for an alcohol-free white, does everything right.


Fre Chardonnay wine has a pleasing appearance. Deep golden color surfaces as the wine pours into the glass. The center is semi-transparent, allowing light to pass through. Near the rim, the golden liquid transforms into a medium lemon hue. The legs of the wine are also medium and watery. Quite a spectacle!


Fre Chardonnay is intensely aromatic. Delicate fragrances of unripe peach elevate as the bottle uncorks. Afterward, a hint of apricot joins lime and grapefruit notes, giving depth to the zingy nose. That is a distinctive aromatic profile, and it celebrates the fruitiness of the Chardonnay varietal to the maximum.


As the wine flows into the mouth, Fre Chardonnay shows an abundance of ripe tropical fruit flavors. Pineapple, mango, and sweet cantaloupe, together with fruity grape contribute to a smooth mouthfeel. Also, a gentle touch of green apple can be detected on the tongue, just as the low acidity hits. The slightly crisp acid-nature refreshes from the general creaminess but is not strong enough to overpower.


Fre Chardonnay has a delightful aftertaste. It is sweet and flavored with apple tart and butterscotch. In addition, the pineapple notes, previously shown on the mouth, impress with their juiciness. With an excellent conclusion to the satisfying tasting profile, Fre Chardonnay surpasses every expectation.


Fre Chardonnay is an absolute joy to drink. It is alcohol-free and has crisp peach and citrus aromas, as well as rich exotic fruit flavors. In other words, Fre Chardonnay is appealing and friendly, fragrant, and palatable. For a bottle of delicious alcohol-free wine, look no further as Fre Chardonnay is magical.

Fre Chardonnay Food Pairing

Drinking Fre Chardonnay on its own is a great option. But to have an immersive one, you need to pair it with suitable food choices. For starters, fried calamari or tagliatelle lobster go incredibly with a cold glass of Fre Chardonnay. Likewise, roast veal chops or a hearty portion of creamy garlic penne pasta accompany the wine’s citrus aromas and luscious mango flavors fantastically. Finally, do combine Fre Chardonnay with mild cheeses, like cheddar. The creaminess of the palate accompanies the buttery texture of the cheese distinctively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Makes Fre Chardonnay?

Fre Chardonnay is produced by Fre winery, United States’ first alcohol-free wine estate. The winery produces alcohol-free wines and a soda alternative as a refreshment. To produce their alcohol-free wines, Fre uses traditional winemaking techniques at the start. Later, winemakers at Fre remove the alcohol while preserving the wine’s refined nature.

How Is Fre Chardonnay Made?

Creating alcohol-removed wine is similar to making traditional wine. As always, the Chardonnay grapes are selected from vineyards at optimum ripeness. After harvesting, vineyard workers de-stem the bunches before crushing and pressing them to release their sweet juice. Then, the juice is clarified to protect its pure fruit character and fed into stainless steel vessels to undergo cool fermentation.

Finally, the wine is filtered to remove the yeast. At this point, things get interesting. By using spinning cone technology, the alcohol is removed while preserving the delicate aromas and flavors. On its journey from California vineyards to the bottle, Fre Chardonnay transforms into a dynamic and flavorful wine—without the alcohol.

Where Is Fre Chardonnay Made?

The Chardonnay grapes used to produce this bottling are sourced from Saint Helena in Napa Valley. Here, picturesque vineyards inspire wine enthusiasts. Every sip of Fre Chardonnay reflects the purity and perfection of the California wine regions, with the grapes sourced from cool, coastal sites in Monterey County to the Mediterranean-style vineyards of Napa. Saint Helena lies in the northern parts of Napa County, where it receives warm daytime temperatures.

Thanks to these sunny conditions, some of the most concreta de wines of the region are produced. The Mayacamas Mountains and Chalk Hill areas have cool air flowing through them, which provides relief to the vineyard from the oppressive afternoon temperatures. At the same time, the cooler night-time temperature helps preserve the acidity in the grapes. This results in wines with jammy features and vibrancy.

What’s more, most vineyards lie above the fog layer, meaning they are cooled by their altitude. A perfect climate for growing grapes. The main varieties of Saint Helena are Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, and Syrah, while Chardonnay is the main white variety.

How to Serve Fre Chardonnay?

The fact that Fre Chardonnay is alcohol-free does not change the way it should be served. Like a standard Chardonnay, Fre is served best in medium-sized white wine glasses. The large surface of the glass gives the wine vital aeration. As it comes into contact with the wine surface, the air helps the wine’s fruitiness unearth. On top of this, Fre Chardonnay has to be chilled well at 43 to 45°F (6-8 °C) for the best taste. So, let it chill for an hour or so before serving.

Furthermore, placing the wine in an ice bucket ensures that it remains cool and enjoyable during dining. Fill the bucket three-quarters full with equal amounts of ice and water so that iced water surrounds the bottle, chilling it. The water is then able to transfer the heat from the bottle to melt the ice. Air acts as an insulator, and the bottle chills. Be careful not to over-chill the wine, as you risk masking its vibrant aromas and distinct pineapple flavors.

How Much Does Fre Chardonnay Cost?

Fre Chardonnay price is relatively low. As such, wine enthusiasts can buy it without significant cost considerations. Fre Chardonnay prices range from $6 to $11 per 750ml bottle, depending on vintage and vendor. For an alcohol-free white, Fre Chardonnay is a good value wine. It is approachable and accessible to everyone!

How Long Does Fre Chardonnay Last?

Fre Chardonnay is a white wine based on pure fruit aromas and flavors. This means that the wine will not benefit from bottle aging because the freshness will spoil. Consequently, go ahead and consume it as quickly as you can, preferably within six months from the date of bottling.

How Many Calories Does Fre Chardonnay Have?

If you are trying to lose some weight, rest assured that Fre Chardonnay is a suitable dietary choice, as it has a low-calorie density. There are approximately 18 calories in 1 fluid ounce of the beverage, amounting to just 70 calories per serving.

The total calorie breakdown is 0 grams of fats, 0 grams of sodium, 19 grams of total carbohydrate, 0.6 grams of protein, and approximately 0.52 grams of total sugars. Fre Chardonnay calories make the wine a great daily beverage. The Fre Chardonnay alcohol content sits at 0,5% per 750ml bottle, justifying the wine’s alcohol-free personality.


With lively tropical fruit aromas, this alcohol-removed Chardonnay is compelling. It is elegant and chic. And it is as approachable and complex as oaked Chardonnays. Due to its perfect balance, Fre Chardonnay is charming and irresistible. I wholeheartedly recommend it. Try a glass today.

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