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The World of Pinot Noir
Shell Beach is a beautiful setting even without any wine, but being able to sample great examples of Pinot Noir from all over the world makes the venue even more enjoyable ... The March weather was gorgeous and attendance was limited to just the right number of Pinot Lovers to avoid overcrowding and allow plenty of one-on-one between producers and consumers. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND the 4th Annual World of Pinot Noir. Here's our mini photo-essay on last year's event (2003).
(click on thumbnail photos to enlarge and explain each)

Magnums for auction

More magnums for auction

Inside the tasting tent

We were very sad to learn of Mike Bonaccorsi's unexpected death on January 15, 2004.

Bonaccorsi overview


Bonaccorsi underview

Tasters in the mix.

Mary Elke pitches her Pinot.

Mary Elke pours her Pinot.

Eric Hammacher pitches his Pinot

Eric Hammacher enjoys his job.


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