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February 6, 2000 at Erna's Elderberry House

PHOTO: Ch Suiduiraut in repose.PHOTO: Ron tops his bubbles.Professional Friends of Wine held a celebration dinner in honor of our group continuity, the birthdays of U.S. Presidents Washington and Lincoln, as well as Groundhog and Valentine's Days. Not that we needed any of these excuses for having a fabulous dinner with a menu built around selected large-format bottles. Our spouses joined us and we had a fabulous meal and a memorable evening. (Limousines and designated drivers transported us all, safely and sanely--okay, moderately sanely.)

Each course was fabulous to behold and delicious to consume (see the menu below). Chef Jim Overbaugh and staff really wowed us with food that was superbly matched to the winelist we had presented them.

For me, the heavenly food-wine highlight was the intermezzo of Smoked Chicken Consommé with the 1997 Siduri Pinot Noir. That smoky, savory, rich flavor of the soup with the ripe black cherry and subtle herb components of the wine profoundly percolated my palate. The surprises among the wines were the still fruity and really nicely balanced 1986 Silverado Chardonnay and the wonderfully complex and classically structured 1979 Mount Veeder Cabernet. Neither showed signs of age. And the fantastic 1975 Suduiraut was a great capper.

(individual plates below and Chateau Suduiraut photographed by Jonmari Loving)

PICTURED BELOW LEFT TO RIGHT: Diana Burnett, Roy Harland, JaneAnn LaMar, Greg Stach (front), Jon Koobation (back), Mark Arvanigian, Kimberly Arvanigian, Marlene Johansen, Patrick Skovran (sommelier, standing), Ron Radoicich, Brigeen Radoicich, Glenn Barker, Joy Barker, Christine Overbaugh, Jim Overbaugh (Executive Chef), Chris Mariscotti, Claudine Mariscotti, Rosemary Vallis, and James Vallis

PHOTO: PfW wines and dines.
(photographer Jim LaMar is not pictured, nor are the rest of the bottles which the bonehead forgot to shoot!)



Lobster Sausage with Whitefish Caviar

Mumm Napa, Cuvee 2000 (3-Ltr)
Roederer Estate, Brut (1.5-Ltr)

Seared Ahi Tuna
Soba Noodle Cake with Galanga-Yam Sauce

1986 Silverado, Napa (3-Ltr)
1996 Swanson Carneros Estate (1.5L)

Smoked Chicken Consommé


Grilled Sonoma Quail
Giant Cous Cous with Celery & Black Perigord Truffles

1994 LaCrema, Sonoma (3-Ltr)
1997 Siduri, Carneros (3-Ltr)

Roast Rack of Lamb au Jus

1982 Beaulieu Georges de LaTour (1.5L)
1979 Mount Veeder, Napa

Pastry Chef Kimiko's
Elegant Puffed Confections

1974 Baumard Quartes de Chaume
1975 Chateau Suduiraut, Sauternes


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