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May 8, 2000 • Old Doc's Discount Liquors

Ampelographers at UC Davis recently discovered through DNA matching that Sauvignon Blanc is the mother of Cabernet Sauvignon (Cabernet Franc is the father) This gives new stature and significance to this varietal which is already one of PfW's favorites. Roy baked a salmon fillet with fresh shaved carrots, onions, fennel bulb, and dill and served it with a selection of rustic and hearty breads and cheeses that severely complicated our ranking task, meanwhile making it joyful.

Vintage & Varietal or Type
Appellation -$ price
Consensus Tasting Notes
Buying Advice

1999 Sauvignon Blanc
Sonoma "Magnolia Lane" -$10.

Very pale green, bright; sweet, ripe, grassy, lemony, gooseberry, grapefruit-citric aromas with a faint hint of mineral; big, sweet, ripe, grapefruit, grassy, somewhat rich flavors; slightly tart, crisp balance; long finish

Very Highly

1999 Sauvignon Blanc
Santa Barbara -$12.

Very pale straw, bright; grassy, herbal with sweet geranium, peach, and melon aromas; grassy, mineral, lime, grapefruit, jalapeño, and vanilla flavors; good balance; creamy, silky finish

Very Highly

1998 Sauvignon Blanc
"Vintner's Reserve" California -$10.

Pale yellow-green, bright; melon, grass, fig, and butter aromas with a faint hint of botrytis; slightly sweet, generous flavors are melony, citric, complex; very nice balance; pleasant, not too lingering finish

Very Highly

1998 Sauvignon Blanc
Santa Ynez Valley -$12.

Very pale green, bright; sweet, citric, grassy aromas with hints of bell pepper and sesame seed; very grassy flavors with some flint and mineral elements, slightly sharp; tart, crisp, long finish


1998 Sauvignon Blanc
Dry Creek Valley "Poplar"-$15.

Very pale straw, bright; citric, spicy aroma with some barrel-fermentation, leesy elements and a hint of petrol; good mouthfeel, lime-citric, grass flavors, with a slight flinty edge; tart finish


1998 Sauvignon Blanc
Russian River Valley $11.

Pale straw, bright; floral, lime, citrus, fig, herb, mineral, smoke, oak and honey aromas; complex, rich, fruity flavors (one panelist thought over-oaked); crisp acidity; faint spritz, tingley, clean finish


1998 Sauvignon Blanc
Napa Valley -$17.

Very pale green, bright; clean, grapefruit-citric, pear, and licorice aromas; very light grass and mineral flavors are delicate, thin, almost sharp; crisp, tart balance; very lingering, very tart finish with slight heat


The following bottle was distinctly "corked" and therefore not rated. But for this problem, this wine would have probably scored quite high. As previously noted, this problem has been increasing;five of our last twelve tastings (about 8% of bottles) have included at least one corked bottle. TCA (2,4,6 trichloroanisole) is a biproduct of the bleach used to sterilize corks and other winery equipment. PfW hopes the wineries are listening and acting to eradicate this problem...

1998 Sauvignon Blanc
Russian River Valley -$22.

Pale green, bright; green, mineral, moderately musty (TCA, corked) aroma, with some baked apple; big, ripe fruit and melon flavors; very good balance;

(Flawed Bottle)

1984 "Assemblage"
Livermore Valley -($14. at release)

Medium-yellow, slightly dull; baked apple, oxidized, madeirized, sherried, old nose; old, oily, flat, aldehydic flavors lack spark; well past it's prime (63% Semillon, 37% Sauvignon Blanc)


Panel included Mark, Deanna, Glenn, Roy, Marlene,
Jon, Jim, Ron, Greg S., and James
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