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Wine 101 is a FREE OnLine Wine Education Course Includes: Dionysus vs Diogenes | Why Wine? | Wine & Health | Social History | Sensory User's Manual | Wine Growing | Wine Making | Varietal Profiles | Sparkling Wine Consumerism information on Bottle Shapes and Sizes, Reading Labels, Selecting and Buying Strategies, Recommendations for Corkscrews and Glassware, Serving Order and Temperature, Cellaring, etc. Taste includes the compiled Wine Tasting Notes from our monthly panel, Reports on public tasting events and a Food & Wine section with Pairing Suggestions and even some wine-friendly Recipes. Aftertaste includes one section we call "Wrath", serving our Opinions and Editorials, and another we titled "Bacchanalia", with our Reading List suggestions and pages of Links to additional wine information. About contains information on Site Conventions used, stories of the Group Formation & Website Genesis, Acclaim & Awards, Biographic Sketches of our Tasting Panelists and Contact & Sponsor information. Return to the starting point.

Information Links
Production Resources (for commercial & amateur winemaking; see also Business Resources)
""new"." = newly added as of last update on February 12, 2016

Advice & Instruction (home & amateur)
All Winemaking offers a manual & newsletter for home wine makers

Home Brew Directory offers discussion and links useful to home brewers and wine makers

Home Brew Talk discussion board for home wine and beer makers

Jack Keller Winemaking offers instructive narratives and articles for beginning to advanced home wine makers, along with a reading list, materials suppliers and resources, related links (very comprehensive and regularly updated), news of winemaking competitions, etc., from an Amateur Winemaker in Texas (where it ain't easy!). HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Jim Alexander's Home Winemaking Page offers tips for home wine makers and articles to explain wine phenomena, such as blending and aging. RECOMMENDED

UC Davis Viticulture & Enology Homewinemaking

Wine Making Radio a 20-minute biweekly audio show produced by wine makers offers interviews, technical tips and other information of value to wine makers, available to download in several formats. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

winemakeri - supplies and information for the home wine maker

Winemaking Dictionary - entries on ingredients, equipment and common (and sometimes archaic) winemaking terms; thorough and fast (part of the "winemakeri" site). HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Analysis & Testing Services & Supplies
Accuvin - commercial and amateur testing services

Baker Wine & Grape Analysis (Central Coast)

Basic Wine Analysis - VHS or DVD from Missouri State University demonstrates several common tests

ETS Labs - commercial analysis and many online tools and articles

Gusmer Enterprises - production and testing supplies

Neilsen Research wine analysis & testing (Oregon)

STA Labs - grape vine disease testing and diagnostics with several helpful online or downloadable tools, diagrams, etc. - FREE online calculators for wine making operations, including nutrients, SO2, acidulation, chaptalization, blending costs, appellations, percentages, etc.

Vinquiry - analytical services, consulting & supplies

Bottling & Closures
Amorim is a cork supplier with lots of good general information

Bottle Your Brand custom prints small-quantity labels

Cork Information Bureau - industry marketing group with additional interesting general information

Envino - environmentally-responsible (light weight, recyclable, unbreakable) wine bottles

Mokelumne Mobile Bottling

Zork - cork alternative closure

Equipment & Supplies
ASC Engineering (Australia)

Barrel Mill (Avon, MN)

Demptos- coopers

Enologica - new and used wine making equipment (Canada)

Ferm-Rite - "breathing" bungs

Flextank - containers for wine making, olive curing

Heavy Duty Products - complete fermentation systems (Canada)

Innerstave - oak flavor alternatives

KLR Machines - wine presses (Sebastopol, CA)

Lamanuzzi & Pantaleo - winemaking supplies and equipment (Madera, CA)

MGT - stainless steel tank & tanker design & production (Israel)

Make Wine Make Beer - vinting and brewing supplies, equipment, and information (Hayden, Idaho)

OenoFoss - simple-to-use wine chemical analysis instrument with software interface for record keeping

Optek - inline photometric analyzers (Essen, Germany & Germantown, WI)

P&L Specialties - sorting tables, bins, catwalks, pumps and all manner of stainless and aluminum fruit handling equipment and custom fabrication (Santa Rosa, CA)

Pall Corporation - filtration system

PolyVin - polyethylene wine containers and cooling systems

Presque Isle Wine Cellars - winemaking supplies and equipment (Pennsylvania)

Re-Coop - remanufactured, recycled barrels (Sebastopol, CA)

Scott Laboratories - supplies and equipment for fermentation, filtration, analysis, and packaging (Petaluma, CA & Pickering, Canada)

Saelig Company Inc. - sophisticated electronics for monitoring temperature and humidity

"new". Sonoma Cast Stone - concrete fermentation tanks in all shapes & sizes

Stepson, Inc. - eastern European wholesaler-importer of barrels, as well as caviar, honey, mushrooms & truffles, oils & extracts, specialty meats, etc.

TankNET - web-based fermentation control

Taylormade - manufacturers and fabricators of stainless equipment (New Zealand)

Tonnellerie Radoux (USA, also France) - barrel suppliers

Valley Pipe & Supply - presses, pipes, valves, etc. (Fresno, CA)

WineArt - amateur winemaking supplies and equipment

Wine Making and Beer Brewing - starter information and links portal

winemakeri - supplies and information for the home wine maker

Woodstick Wines (Ontario, Can)

World Cooperage Company

Finances & Operations (see also Business Resources)

eSkye - solutions, integration and outsourcing of beverage depletion data

Inertia Beverage - solutions for direct sales & allocation management

Invensure - insurance for wineries

Virtual Winery - financial and production forecasting for winery operations

Grape Sources (see also Analysis & Testing)
Allied Grape Growers supplies grapes and provides information on the wine grape market for both growers and buyers

Amador County Wine Grape Growers’ Association

Chalmers Nurseries (New South Wales, Australia) has many excellent grape variety profiles on their site

For Farmers is an exchange for buyers and sellers of bottled and bulk wine

Grapevine Cutting Sales (Oregon)

Naggiar Vineyards (Nevada County)

Papagni Vineyards (Central Valley)

Turrentine Wine Brokerage is a wholesale source for grapes, bulk wine and bottled wine

Inventory / Logistics / Tasting Room

eProvenance provides monitoring of wine transportation and storage conditions.

Wine Scan - arcuate bottle-scanning device for recording wine labels

Salina Glass - specializing in wine glasses of all types, including printed and personalized

Labels & Packaging
Gorilla Shipper makes certifiably secure, environmentally responsible, and economically efficient wine shipping cartons

Maverick Label Company offers a wide variety of custom-printed labels - Jason Curtis' collection of links related to wine packaging

SinoPrint specializes in high-quality, low-cost, custom-printed wine gift boxes, designed in Denmark, constructed in China."new".

"new". - custom-printed reusable wine bags

Vencaps - machines for the printing and application of capsules for still and sparkling wines

WineCard - dual-layer, peel-away labels

Production Management & Operations
Green Wine Summit - sustainability development conference

Wine Industry Technology Symposium - annual interdisciplinary conference in Napa Valley

Production Services
Central Coast Wine Services - wine elaboration and case goods storage

Paso Robles Wine Services - wine elaboration and case goods storage

"new". Redwood Valley Custom Crush

Vinpak - one-stop production, packaging and distribution services (Australia)

Publications (commercial)
Practical Winery & Vineyard

Vineyard & Winery Management

Wine Business OnLine and Wine Business Monthly provides news and information for professionals in all aspects of the industry (subscription required for full access). RECOMMENDED

WineMaker Magazine

Wines & Vinesis one of the oldest wine industry publications. Their website home page has many categories of wine news that branch farther and delve deeper than mere wine consumption, always containing information of interest and amusement. The annual Wines & Vines Directory is the master rolodex for wine commerce in the US. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Wynboer offers technical information geared toward vineyardists in South Africa

Vineyard Services
Amigoni Vineyards offers a wide range of landscape fabrics to vineyards of the midwest for bird netting, weed suppression, shade, etc.

Agrilink USA specializes in water management for agriculture and the environment

Australian Wine Research Institute performs a wide range of services in areas from agrochemicals to regulatory compliance, conducts research, performs analyses, provides solution advice, publishes papers, etc. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Bergman Euro National, articles dealing with vineyard real estate

California Association of Winegrape Growers

California Wineland (a PfW Sponsor) - news and articles related to vineyard development, real estate transactions, etc.

Correia-Xavier, Inc., agricultural real estate appraisal and consultation

Double A Grapevines (Fredonia, NY)

Duarte Nursery (Hughson, Stanislaus County, CA)

Foundation Plant Materials (UC Davis)

Grafted Grapevines (Clifton, NY)

Grapes eXtension interactive learning environment for commericlal grape producers

Integrated Viticulture Online (UC Davis project)

Nord Coast Vineyard Services (Napa)

Onset - on site sensors, monitoring, logging and controlling devices, and software (Bourne, MA)

OVS (Oregon Vineyard Supply)

Premier Pacific Vineyards - premium West Coast vineyards

Public Grapevine Collections (USDA, CA & NY)

Richard T. Nagaoka - The Grape Doctor, vineyard management consulting

ScanControl, Inc., providers of Geographic Information Systems for agriculture

Soil Information System (Sacramento, CA)

Sunridge Nurseries (Bakersfield, CA)

Tagstream - RFID barrel tracking systems with dBase integration (Goleta, CA)

Terra Spase - GIS vineyard mapping systems and analysis (St. Helena, CA)

Vestra - geologic vineyard consulting, GIS mapping, hardware & software; also West Coast AVA maps (Redding, CA)

Vinesmith (Virginia)

Vintage Nurseries (Wasco, CA)


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