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Wine BLOGs & PodCasts (see also General & Personal)

Regardless of the format, clear, concise, organized, and well-formatted content wins our endorsement; pleasing design and navigation are bonuses. Apps or BLOGs that parrot mindless dogma, post numerical or "star" or other form of wine rankings with no descriptions, ramble off-topic, or where advertising tips the scale over content are to be avoided.

*One common problem seems to be stamina... many initially promising BLOGs tend to be attended less and less often as time passes. Seems to me that, when BS-ing about wine, regularity is more important than frequency...

Rather than link to every BLOG and PodCast I find, I'll offer some particularly interesting / worthy options... (since I'm finding less time to surf the web in search of these; PLEASE eMail your own recommendations to:

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BLOGs(the pre-truncation of "Web Log") are cyber-diaries, personal random thoughts shared regularly with the online world, most centered around themes connected with the blogger's field of employment or passionate hobby. Hundreds are devoted to wine.

PodCasts are audio or video files created for experiencing on the web or for downloading to an MP3 player. Requiring more technical sophistication and hardware than BLOGs, this does not mean they offer more sophisticated content.

The idea for the American Wine BLOG Awards began in 2005 with Fermentations publisher Tom Wark. Event management was taken over in 2010 by the Open Wine Consortium.

Highly Recommended BLOGs

Bigger Than Your Head creator and seasoned wine writer Frederic Koeppel won the 2009 American Wine Blog Award for "Best Wine Reviews BLOG " and "gazes critically at the creating and preparing, the marketing and selling, the truth and the hypocrisy, the issues and the language behind what we eat and drink." He also reviews and describes many wines.

Fermentations: a Daily Wine BLOG by Tom Wark, employed in public relations in the wine industry. An excellent writer, with analysis and point-of-view comment on wide-ranging industry topics that should interest both insiders and outsiders (see note at the beginning of this category).

Sue Courtney's BLOG of Vinous Ramblings is a modern continuation of the personal wine site this New Zealander began in 1999, dedicated to wines of her homeland. Sue is dedicated, diligent and dependable.

Good Wine Under $20 won several awards for creator Deb Harkness (*latest posting June, 2012).

The Gray Report, brings the practical perspective of wine industry insider W. Blake Gray to many topics that should particularly interest wine consumers or collectors. He has earned several wine BLOGing awards.

Vinography by Alder Yarrow is full of well-organized info. He is obviously dedicated and prolific, and I enjoy both his stories and his outspoken point-of-view.

Wine Economist Mike Veseth presents a range of topics far more interesting and engaging than the dry-sounding title. While his upbeat tone is generally enjoyable and writing learned, he tends to be more of an adoring cheerleader than a thoughtful critic.

Recommended BLOGs

Lenn Thompson won the 2009 AWBA for "Best Single Subject Wine BLOG" for focusing on New York State Wines and features guest writers as well as his personal musings; his former "Lenn Devours" BLOG has morphed into The New York Cork Report and now to The Cork Report, with coverage expanded to East Coast wines.

Wine Camp by Craig Camp, who declares his BLOG to be a "points-free zone" has informative articles and an admirable "question authority" tone.

Other BLOGs
(formerly Recommended)

Barley Vine by tedo, seems to have more barley than vine (maybe Texas summers are too hot for wine enjoyment... *latest posting March, 2012).

CorkDork (formerly "Cork Dork U", St. Louis... *last posting February, 2011).

Good Grape won the 2009 AWBA for "Best Wine BLOG Graphics" for creator Jeff Lefevre (last post December, 2011).

Through the Walla Walla Grapevine by Catie McIntyre, a self-professed "wildwallawallawoman" writes about her experiences in and around the Washington wine scene.

Highly Recommended PodCasts

Laurie Forster, The Wine Coach, calls her Maryland-based PodCast "The Sipping Point". She also offers downloadable Apps for iPhone and Android. by Tim Eliot is a BLOG in support of his PodCast discussion of wine generally, along with reviews of specific wines. Tim's site sets the benchmark for what all PodCast support sites should be, with top-notch organization, navigation, and user-friendly details. His podcast is similarly detail-supported, with excellent information -- click the info icon from iTunes.icon in iTunes next to any of his episodes; (*the last new one was recorded in December, 2014).

Recommended PodCasts
(none as yet...)



PLEASE eMail link recommendations to; don't be shy about "tooting your own horn" --- I unfortunately can't spare the time to search out the web generally or casually...

It's disheartening that several formerly recommended sites seem to have simply given up and disappeared from the web!

(FYI: As a matter of policy, I don't link to YouTube or FaceBook sites, both of which aim at baiting, then trapping and containing the web surfer within their digital clutches).



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