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Wine 101 is a FREE OnLine Wine Education Course Includes: Dionysus vs Diogenes | Why Wine? | Wine & Health | Social History | Sensory User's Manual | Wine Growing | Wine Making | Varietal Profiles | Sparkling Wine Consumerism information on Bottle Shapes and Sizes, Reading Labels, Selecting and Buying Strategies, Recommendations for Corkscrews and Glassware, Serving Order and Temperature, Cellaring, etc. Taste includes the compiled Wine Tasting Notes from our monthly panel, Reports on public tasting events and a Food & Wine section with Pairing Suggestions and even some wine-friendly Recipes. Aftertaste includes one section we call "Wrath", serving our Opinions and Editorials, and another we titled "Bacchanalia", with our Reading List suggestions and pages of Links to additional wine information. About contains information on Site Conventions used, stories of the Group Formation & Website Genesis, Acclaim & Awards, Biographic Sketches of our Tasting Panelists and Contact & Sponsor information. Return to the starting point.

Information Links
Business Resources (see also Production Resources)
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Advertising (also see Marketing)
Can Stock Photo (search for "wine") has over 14,000 inexpensive wine-themed photos to source for publications, presentations, website design, etc.

FotoSearch has over 95,000 wine-related stock images and graphics

"new".GoGraph has 234,947 wine-themed stock photo images

Compliance (also see Legal)
Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau ("TTB", US Treasury; to find information regarding specific state laws, use Google to search for "*state name* Alcohol Compliance".)

Beer and Wine Services, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in local, state, and federal compliance and offers a software package for interstate shipping

Compliance Service of America consults regarding local, state, and federal licensing and regulation for all levels of the alcoholic beverage industry, nationwide

Ship Compliant offers many compliance services and allows wineries to customize a FREE printable poster showing legal-to-ship states.

Consumer Issues & Organizations
n2vin home dispensing/preservation systems

Prooftag offers solutions to counter wine fraud offers advice and services to detect and prevent wine counterfeiting

Finances & Reporting
Advanced Management Systems (AMS) wine industry integrated information systems to track, operate, and report everything from planting a vineyard to allocating bottles

Wine Industry Symposium - organization dedicated to developing financial business programs

Economics and Statistics
American Association of Wine Economists is a non-profit organization that publishes a journal; this link might also qualify in the Marketing category

Beverage Handbooks compile statistics for on-sale, off-sale, and compliance segments of the industry

California Wine Institute - Industry background and statistics.

DISCUS - The Distilled Spirits Council of the United States - excise tax and revenue information

Gomberg-Fredricson - consulting, monthly economic statistics and market analysis, historical data

Nielson - retail economic data

UC Davis Cost and Return Studies - downloadable California regional info on costs and returns of establishing various types of vineyards

Wine by the Numbers reports international import/export statistics (provided by the Italian wine producers association, Unione Italiana Vini)

General Publications
Practical Winery & Vineyard

Wine Business OnLine and Wine Business Monthly provides news and information for professionals in all aspects of the industry (subscription required for full access). RECOMMENDED

WineMaker Magazine

Wines & Vines is one of the oldest wine industry publications. Their website homepage has many categories of wine news that branch farther and delve deeper than mere wine consumption, always containing information of interest and amusement. The annual Wines & Vines Directory is the master rolodex for wine commerce in the US. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


Legal (also see Compliance)
Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau ("TTB", US Treasury; to find information regarding specific state laws, use Google to search for "*state name* Alcohol Compliance".)

Dickenson, Peatman & Fogarty is a law partnership specializing in the wine and hospitality industry

On Reserve is Virginia-based attorney Lindsey Zahn's BLOG on understanding the implications and intricacies of wine law

Richard M. Gahagan regulatory consultant for beverage alcohol, winery compliance

Hinman & Carmichael, Attorneys dedicated to making the world a safe place for fine wine.

K.C. Branch, Wine Law (San Luis Obispo)

Strike & Techel (San Francisco) alcoholic beverage law exclusively

Marketing Firms (also see our links to Trade Associations and Marketing Groups)

Academy of Wine Communications is a wine industry public relations firm

AgriDesigns are specialists in graphic and web site design for the agriculture industry

AWeber Communications offers a FREE (no "registration" or info required) downloadable "eMail Guide for Wineries"

Benson Marketing performs Public Relations, Direct Marketing, Social Media Management, Website Design, etc., for wine & spirits businesses from their offices in Napa Valley and New York City.

Cultivate Systems offer a package for winery-direct online sales

Intwine Marketing - multiple advertising & marketing services

J.A.M. PR specializes in marketing and public relations for wine

VinterActive provides wineries consumer-direct online sales research and solutions

Wine Direct Solutions offers information and commentary on many aspects of consumer-direct wine sales, provided by Walla Walla Community College Professor and Marketing Consultant Michele Rennie

A few Distributor Megalo-glomerates have joined with Neo-Prohibitionist Inquisitors to spread propaganda and promote foul-smelling protectionist legislation; their agenda is pro-big business, anti-free enterprise and anti-consumer. Learn the truth and fight back with the links below.

Free the Grapes promotes interstate direct shipping, so that all consumers will have access to small-production wines.

Winegrape Growers of America serves as a communication link between growers in various states and lobbies Washington on behalf of their common issues.

Wine America, the National Association of American Wineries, is a lobbying and compliance support organization based in upstate New York.

Restaurant & Retail Operations
Oz Winebars commercial dispensing/preservation systems

"new".This article entitled Restaurant Loans, on MoneyGeek, offers some basic financial suggestions and links useful for preparing to open a restaurant

Restaurant Report promotes better restaurant wine service HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Winery / Vineyard Real Estate
Bergman Euro-National (California)


Pacifica Commercial Realty winery listings in San Luis Obispo county


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